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Lee Eun-joo and Andy had a date at a swimming


7월 18, 2022
Lee Eun-joo

Lee Eun-joo and Andy had a date at a swimming pool during their honeymoon in Guam

Lee Eun-joo

Lee Eun-joo revealed the scene of her honeymoon with Andy.

On the 18th, former announcer Lee Eun-joo posted on her Instagram, “I keep taking pictures of Mulvue…”It’s a beautiful Guam all over, and I posted several pictures with the words #newmarriagetrip #guam.”

In the released photo, Lee Eun-joo is enjoying a date with Andy in the swimming pool. There is a sweetness between the couple enjoying their honeymoon. The visuals of the two beautiful men and women also catch the eye.

Meanwhile, Lee Eun-joo married Andy, who is nine years older, somewhere in Seoul on the 12th of last month.

In addition, the couple recently joined SBS entertainment show “Same Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny” and are revealing their honeymoon life

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