Cervical cancer screening for abnormalities

Cervical cancer screening for abnormalities

Cervical cancer screening for abnormalities


Mild, moderate, severe. I’m going to talk about cell degeneration For mild cases, it’s not a very serious level up to level two. Oh, it’s similar to surgery We’re going to test for any lesions that we can see in the cervical enlargement, and we’re going to test the virus to determine the risk, and we’re going to follow up at short intervals, but sometimes we go from 5% to moderate opo

The treatment changes from moderate to moderate If we have a lesion that we can see from the outside, we do a biopsy. Even if we can’t see it, we have to do a biopsy Now, the biopsy is done here. It’s a cone operation There’s nothing that cuts out the cervix in a circular cone So you cut it out like this and see what’s inside for 9 minutes If you don’t have a test, you can scratch the surface. So you can’t see the product inside. So, you can see if there’s a worse list inside because you can see if there’s a cone incision And if it’s not good, there’s a bowel movement

And that’s the purpose of doing the test and treating it, because it’s cut out, and it’s no longer in my body, and that’s how it can be done Yesterday, my friend was treated with this, and I’ve been watching him. Since then, nothing’s going to happen, but if you get a conectomy, it’s going to be a problem. It could be a little problem when you have a baby It depends on what kind of watch you resect, but if you resect a lot, if you do it deeply, you resect the cervix, right? It could be that short, even if it was originally this long, because there are cases where the alarm is maintained during pregnancy and then when the alarm is packed

It could be me who opened a little early or not So you check the length of your cervix during pregnancy, and there’s a McDonald’s surgery that ties your cervix To prevent it from getting thinner as it unravels, McDonald’s surgery, if you come to the cervix like this, there’s an operation today, which maintains the length of the cervix and helps ensure that there’s no particular risk of storage during pregnancy You might have to do that It’s the same for serious cases We do biopsy, we do cones, we do cones, and we do cones when they come It doesn’t matter if it’s inside the lesion, but if there’s a bit of it and some of it seems to have been removed, but if there’s news that’s a problem next to the wound,

We might have to do it again, or we might have to consider further steps and do a test or follow-up There are cases where endothelial cancer comes out. No, but it’s not limited yet. It’s not a cancer that spreads outside. It’s not a cancer that’s just in there. So, endothelial cancer has a very good prognosis So I’m listening to an insurance company that doesn’t hit me, but not anyone. So, except for those diagnosed with endothelial cancer, you have to recognize that we need to preserve the uterus

That’s why it’s as big as a cervical cone You know, we had a cone resection that was 75cm in diameter from the middle level, and we cut it out a little deeper. And we thought of it as a treatment, and we looked at the progress. And I gave birth to him I’m 40 years old and I have two babies. I don’t have any thoughts about myself Then I recommend exposing your uterus. You just have to resect the marks, so you don’t have to touch anything else If it’s really invasive cervical cancer, it’s not intraepithelial cancer. In that case, it doesn’t spread to the surrounding area. ARMY is not the scariest thing

So if it’s spreading around, for example, you can’t just remove the marks. You have to use my uterus, ovary ovary, and lymph glands around you The prognosis is very different depending on whether you remove the lymphatic gland or not. I’m doing it in case there’s ARMY But then there’s side effects. It’s related to Jiyoung, who says she’s not good at talking about it, or she’s in pain. So what we’re aiming for is, even if we find it before we go to non-invasive cancer, we’re going to see it, we’re going to see it’s not a big surgery

You don’t have to do anti-cancer or radiation, so you do these tests So it’s not a big problem because intraepithelial cancer can produce a uterus, but when it comes to cancer, it’s cracked down Then Taekyung will come early again So you’re going to get really sick So cervical cancer can be diagnosed as an introduced You can prevent anything from going on in advance So the country that tests for cervical cancer covers it with that That’s why the government invests in it because it believes it can greatly reduce the risk of cervical cancer when it’s scanned every two years 비아그라추천

When you come to the hospital, you can check it out. If you can afford it, I recommend you to do it every year. If you can, you can cover it. It costs me tens of thousands of won to get angry. So if you check it out, you won’t lose cancer So you don’t have to worry too much about that. Now that we’re doing a detailed examination, we’re going to take down various levels of cells, but unless it’s cancer, you don’t have to worry about it. We can solve it before we go to cancer, and the prognosis is great

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