Last year’s No. 1 replacement for KT foreigners and this year

Last year’s No. 1 replacement for KT foreigners and this year

Last year’s No. 1 replacement for KT foreigners and this year Mobis comes first?


Who will be the No. 1 foreign replacement this year?

As of the 26th, the 10 teams, which have played more than 6 games per team, are in full swing in the first round. Suwon KT, which has been considered a strong candidate for the championship since Media Day, is in second place by half a game with four wins and two losses, while Seoul SK, which was considered KT’s opponent, is leading the way with five wins, two losses and two consecutive wins. Defending champion Jeonju KCC, which is expected to rise to the mid-to-late half if it remains in the mid-range, also rose with four consecutive wins.

What stands out is Ulsan Hyundai Mobis’ four consecutive losses. Hyundai Mobis was the only one with a winning rate of 10% (0.143) with 1 win and 6 losses in 7 games. The team’s average score was ranked third (83.9 points), but it often gave up the game with an average of 9th place (90.7 points). In particular, during the past four consecutive losses, foreign players’ scoring skills were disappointing. Earl Clark, who had scored more than 20 points, failed to exceed double-digit points except for the SK match (13 points) on the 17th out of the last 4 games. Rashon Thomas remained in 10th place on average in 5 games.

Busan KT (currently Suwon KT) was the fastest in replacing foreigners last year. At the end of the first round, John Igbunu was sent out and Brandon Brown was recruited. The main reason was that Igbuno suffered a knee injury, but KT lost three consecutive games at the time and fell into a slump with one win and three losses. And Brandon became KT’s hope by showing his rusty skills despite the team’s seven-game losing streak after putting in.

Usually, teams that suffer from stagnation try to change the atmosphere by replacing foreigners or trading. In particular, last year, each club actively tried to strengthen its power by replacing foreign players until the end of the season. Of course, there is no guarantee that the replacement of foreign players will necessarily improve the team’s performance. Unlike foreign players from other clubs who have been harmonized with the team since the beginning of the season, foreign players who joined in the middle need time to adapt. In addition, the rhythm of domestic players can be broken.

However, there already are complaining to be desired in foreign players in the performance director. With the variable of injury, who will be the first team to take out a foreign replacement card?

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