I believe in what I saw in person Child actors on the seashore Cheer up

I believe in what I saw in person Child actors on the seashore Cheer up

I believe in what I saw in person Child actors on the seashore Cheer up by posting pictures of Kim Sunho.


While actor Kim Sun-ho is engaged in a battle of truth over his private life with his ex-girlfriend, support for his recent work “Tidal Village Chachacha” continues.

On the 26th, child actors of “Tidal Village Chachacha” began cheering with photos of the scene where they showed longing for Kim Sun-ho one after another.

The child actors’ official Instagram posts say, “Trust what you saw in person, only what you know…””Memories that will be remembered and happy for a long time” followed.

Ko Do-yeon, who plays Choi Bo-ra, who showed as much vitality as an adult and even a big tear acting as a mascot in the play, and Ki Eun-yu, who plays Jang Ji-joon, revealed their memories with Kim Sun-ho on their respective Instagram accounts.

Ko Do-yeon’s mother misses “Chachacha in the Gaet Village.” And I miss you,” he said, posting a photo of Kim Sun-ho and an autograph he received at the time. He also posted a photo of his shy daughter when Kim Sun-ho took care of her while waiting for the shoot, drawing laughter.

Ki Eun-yu’s mom then said, “These days, Eun-yu wants to see Gongjin actors, so I look up videos of Chachacha in Gaetmaeul on Naver.”I miss you, too,” he said, posting photos and videos.

The photo shows Kim Sun-ho taking care of each of the children while signing autographs at the filming site. Guardians who have always been at the filming site with their children are also reminiscing about their memories with Kim Sun-ho.

Kim Min-seo, who plays the role of Juri in the play, posted a photo of Kim Sun-ho captured by fans on her Instagram on the same day, saying, “When Min-seo was Juri and Juri was Min-seo, I only trust what I saw in person and only talk about what I know.”Memories that you remember for a long time, and happy memories. Thank you for the capture.^^,” he said, expressing his unwavering trust in Kim Sun-ho 광주호빠

Cheer from the field staff of “Chachacha in the Gaet Village” is also continuing.

A staff member posted a picture of Kim Sun-ho on his personal Instagram and said, “Let’s get up quickly like President Hong. “Kim Sunho, fighting!”

Meanwhile, Kim Sun-ho is facing the biggest crisis in his actor life due to controversy over his private life with his ex-girlfriend. Earlier, Kim Sun-ho apologized, acknowledging the disclosure of his ex-girlfriend’s abortion pretense. However, since then, the controversy has not subsided as various revelations related to the rumors of his ex-girlfriend’s private life have erupted through media and acquaintances. Dispatch claimed the distortion of the truth of the revealed article, saying, “After dating, Kim Sun-ho was already struggling with several lies,” adding, “Even after the abortion, Kim Sun-ho cooked seaweed soup, cared for his parents, and introduced it to his parents.” Afterwards, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho released a transcript of his ex-husband’s presumption that “I had three men in the house for three weeks during the divorce suit.”

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