Korean Comedy Movie, Save the Earth “Movie Review”

Korean Comedy Movie, Save the Earth “Movie Review”

Protect the Earth! I’d like to review it.

It’s an alien-themed movie that’s not common in Korean movies, and its box office performance is low with posters and false advertisements that don’t match the theme.

He won the Best Director award at the Moscow Film Festival and the Best Feature Award at the 7th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Also, although it is a small screen, it was released in the United States and adapted into a play.

The movie was about a ward that was repeatedly killing people who had done bad things in their lives after abducting them, torturing them as aliens.

It begins with a scene in which Man-sik, the president of a chemical company, is convinced by aliens with her helper and circus member Soon-i.

As I said, there are cruel scenes, including torture scenes, so you should be careful.

After that, the ward that arrested him wearing a special helmet to block telepathy said he wouldn’t be able to use it.

After you cut your hair, you put a water patch on your feet to weaken your nervous system.

Of course it’s bright and the police are investigating the case, and when a new detective named Detective Kim said he would investigate the drug found at the scene,

It was ridiculous for another detective to say that he stole the medicine.

In the meantime, the ward told Man-sik that he knew what the aliens did.

He reveals that he kidnapped him because he could share telepathy with the alien prince, and then he tortures them, saying they’re strong in electricity.

Then Man-sik, who managed to unclog the restraint, fought with the ward and succeeded in killing him.

The anger trampled on him became a heart massage and saved him, and he ran away and was caught again under anesthesia.

Later, detective Kim, who entered the hideout of the ward, found Man-sik and confronted him.

Man-sik suddenly tells the truth that he’s an alien.

Is Man-sik’s story true?

Protect the Earth! That was a review!

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