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Kim Yunjin, “I went on a diet in a hurry to play a role. I just starved.”


11월 2, 2022
Kim Yunjin

Kim Yunjin, “I went on a diet in a hurry to play a role. I just starved.”

Kim Yunjin

Actor Kim Yunjin said he went on a diet for the role in “Confession.”

I had an interview with Kim Yoon-jin of the movie “Confession” (director Yoon Jong-seok) at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 20th. “Confession” is a movie about a promising businessman named Yoo Min-ho (So Ji-seop), who is the only suspect in a secret murder case, and Yang Shin-ae (Kim Yoon-jin), a lawyer with a 100% winning rate to prove his innocence, matching the hidden pieces of the case.

In “Confession,” Kim Yoon-jin plays Yang Shin-ae, a lawyer with the best winning rate who transforms even guilt into innocence.

On this day, Kim Yoon-jin said that she was on a diet for her work. He said, “I had about a week to be given, but I lost weight in an instant. I have to explain the collapsed soul in a very short time, but visual is important, so I thought we should just starve. “I wanted to lose weight and show more desperation,” he said.

“That said, I didn’t want to cry and act. But I was really thankful to Choi Kwang Il because when I was filming my part, he looked at me and cried. I prepared to be calm, but Choi Kwang-il gave me too much emotion. He is an actor who gives generously. “I didn’t have much time to breathe together, but I was like a tree,” he said.

Kim Yoon-jin said, “Once I cry, I feel exhausted and like dry smoke. Acting to hold back tears seems to be the most realistic. I think I felt more real when I tried to hold it in when I saw Kwang-il’s face. He added, “It’s a shame that Choi Kwang-il’s face didn’t come out in that scene.”

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