Kang Seung-youn’s revelation. The fact that he’s a drunkard at a motel

Kang Seung-youn’s revelation. The fact that he’s a drunkard at a motel

Kang Seung-youn’s revelation. The fact that he’s a drunkard at a motel.

Kang Seung-youn's

Kang Seung-yeon, an aspiring trot singer, confessed to the sexual harassment she had been sexually harassed by her former manager and others.

Kang Seung-yeon appeared on the YouTube channel “Late Night New Party” run by actor and shaman Jung Ho-geun on the 5th. Kang Seung-yeon said, “The real situation. In a video titled ‘Trot singer Kang Seung-yeon’, who was offered an unspeakable offer, he confessed that he was sexually harassed by his former agency manager.

Kang Seung-yeon introduced herself, saying, “I haven’t made my official debut yet, and I usually made my face known through trot audition programs.” Kang has appeared in TV Chosun competition programs “Miss Trot” and KBS “Trot National Sports Festival.”

Kang Seung-yeon prepared a girl group before preparing to become a trot singer. He said, “My parents are not in a good condition and we are not in a good relationship, so I did everything by myself without help, and I met several companies (the company officials) approached me sexually.”

He confessed, “At the young age of 22, I was forced to have an unwanted drinking party, and my manager tried to do something terrible at a motel I went to because of a local event schedule.”

Kang Seung-yeon thought, “I would rather jump out of a motel.” “It was so scary that I thought it would be better to jump,” he said in tears as he recalled the time.

Confessing his childhood exposed to domestic violence, he said, “My father hit my mother a lot since I was a child. So I didn’t want to stay at home. I even reported it to the police. “So I thought I should protect myself and lived alone with me,” he said. “Now I rarely contact him. “I met a good person and got married again.

“It’s hard to believe that there are still such bad people,” Jung Ho-geun said. “Because I had a lot of pain in my young heart alone, I always wear a mask to talk brightly and casually, but it will hurt so much when I think about myself in silence.”

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