JUNG HO YEON won the GQ Global Creativity Awards

JUNG HO YEON won the GQ Global Creativity Awards

JUNG HO YEON won the GQ Global Creativity Awards


Actor Jung Ho-yeon was selected as the winner of the GQ Global Creativity Awards.

The GQ Global Creativity Awards (GCAs) were held in New York on the 7th (Korea Standard Time). The GQ Global Creativity Awards (GCAs), which was held for the first time this year, is an award ceremony to select multi-platform creators in various fields that provide innovative methods throughout the industry. Actor Jung Ho-yeon, Apple CEO Tim Cook, actor Jaeji Beats, and singer Maggie Rogers attended the event.

Jung Ho-yeon was the only Korean to attend as the winner of the 2023 GQ Global Creativity Awards (GCAs). Appearing on the red carpet in an attractive black dress, he caught the eye with a relaxed atmosphere and a welcoming smile.

Jung Ho-yeon received a trophy from Lee Min-jin, the original author of the world’s acclaimed Apple TV+ original series “Pachinko.” “One day I wondered if I was too much. And the next day I asked myself if it was enough now. Through this, I understood that the most important question for bold creativity was, “Is it right for me?”

In an interview released together, Jung Ho-yeon said, “Someone told me that acting never feels complete, but because it is an endless struggle to be complete, it resembles our lives a lot.” “I also know I won’t reach perfection, but I’m doing my best to run toward that goal now,” he said.

Coach Hwang Dong-hyuk said, “(Jung Ho-yeon) was like a Jaguar from Amazon. When I actually met him, I was completely convinced that he was perfect for the early morning station. “It was a fighter-like aura that I carried with me all over my body, a slightly neutral voice, and a look that didn’t seem to reveal all my emotions, which was exactly what I was looking for,” he recalled the moment when he cast Jung Ho-yeon in the Netflix original series “Squid Game.”

An interview with Hollywood actor Kate Blanchett, who filmed Alfonso Cuaron’s new thriller series “Disclaimer” with Jung Ho-yeon, is also eye-catching. Kate Blancchat said, “If I’m in a situation where I’ve never acted in Korean before, I’ll never have the same time as Jung Ho-yeon,” adding, “I fell in love with him as a human, but I’m also very attractive as an actor.” “He has some physical and psychological intensity, but he is surprisingly sweet and has a curious charm,” he said, expressing his feelings about acting with Jung Ho-yeon.

Jung Ho-yeon is the only Korean to proudly sit on the GQ Global Creativity Awards (GCAs) and GQ Global Creativity Cover. Recently, Jung Ho-yeon is about to make her first Korean movie appearance. As his next film in Korea, he was cast in the lead role of director Na Hong-jin’s new global thriller action film “HOPE” (tentative title, production of Forged Films). He will work with Hwang Jung-min, Jo In-sung, Alicia Vikander, Michael Passbender, Taylor Russell and Cameron Britten to portray residents facing a mysterious attack that began in the isolated port town of Hopo

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