Brad Pitt A 105-Year-Old, Live To Death On A Free Rental

Brad Pitt A 105-Year-Old, Live To Death On A Free Rental

Brad Pitt A 105-Year-Old, Live To Death On A Free Rental Of 52 Billion Home Sites

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s good deed to a 105-year-old man has been revealed. Allowing free residence on the site of one’s home.

According to foreign media such as U.S. entertainment media Page Six on the 7th (Korea Standard Time), actress Cassandra Peterson told the behind-the-scenes story of her real estate transaction with Brad Pitt in a recent interview.

Brad Pitt paid actor Cassandra Peterson 2.1 billion won to buy a mansion in Los Angeles in 1994. Brad Pitt lived here with his six children before divorcing Angelina Jolie in 2016.

Cassandra Peterson said, “Brad Pitt slowly expanded his area after buying a house from me and then buying nearby. I think there were about 22 nearest houses, he said. “One of these properties belonged to a 95-year-old man.”

“Brad Pitt was very kind. The man’s name was John, and his wife died soon after. Brad Pitt said he allowed John to stay in the house without rent until he died after he bought the property, adding that “actually, things got a little funny because he lived to be 105.

Cassandra Peterson also told the episode, saying that after selling her house to Brad Pitt, she bought the house next door again and became his neighborhood cousin. She said, “I ran into Brad Pitt while walking by accident. Maybe I was preparing for a ‘fight club’. He’s so insanely handsome. It’s really cool,” he recalled.

Brad Pitt recently sold the LA home for $40 million (about KRW 52 billion). Some reported on Brad Pitt’s real estate deal that “Brad Pitt will start a new life in a new house with his girlfriend Ines de Ramon (29).

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is currently in a serious relationship with Ines de Ramon, vice president of the famous jewelry brand. There have been many reports that he is considering remarrying

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