It’s been a while since I saw your face on Cool Rice

It’s been a while since I saw your face on Cool Rice

It’s been a while since I saw your face on Cool Rice Cake Block KT fans must be excited


It’s been a while since I saw such a cool “Tteok Block” and “In Your Face Dunk” at an international competition.

The Korean men’s national basketball team played warm-up matches against the Japanese national team at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 22nd and 23rd. This A-match was prepared for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games. The result was one win and one loss. Although it is regrettable that it has not continued its upward trend after winning the first game, I would like to emphasize that coach Choo Il-seung conducted various tests rather than focusing on winning or losing. Most importantly, it was encouraging that fans showed enthusiastic interest in the Korea-Japan match, which was held after a long time, amid the decline in basketball popularity. In addition to selling out the gym, the number of Internet broadcasts has exploded. This is what taught the Korea Basketball Association and KBL to move in order to restore the popularity of basketball.

In terms of basketball, there were good and bad points. For now, Kim Sun-hyung, Oh Se-geun, and Ra Gun-ah could feel the energy of generational change while resting due to their condition problems. Japan is also a formidable opponent, and it was good to see players with little experience in the national team playing without being intimidated.

What is regrettable is that he was stopped by an opponent who came out with a new number regardless of winning or losing the second round. In fact, in the case of the first round, we were able to win in the aftermath of being hit hard by Jeon Sung-hyun and Heo Hoon, who Japan does not know well. It should be pointed out that Jeon Sung-hyun and Huh Hoon struggled with Japan’s changed defense in the second game held again in a day. This is because they can struggle in the Asian Games, where they have to analyze their power and meet stronger opponents.

Regardless of that, fans must have enjoyed watching the national team game for two days. “Baby Hulk.” It’s Ha Yoongi. Rookie center who played two professional seasons. Everyone knew that he was growing up in his team KT, but not many people expected him to do this well in the shaking national team game. He also struggled with 10 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 blocks in the first game, and 14 points and 2 blocks in the second game.

The record is important, but the content was excellent. With incredible jumping and concentration that cannot be believed to be a native center, the scene of blocking Japanese players’ under-the-goal shots was overwhelming. Tteok block, a slang term used among basketball players. I wonder how long it has been since I saw such a block since Kim Joo-sung and Oh Se-geun were rookies. It was a great scene that made me feel refreshed.

What’s scarier is, block and run. And dunk with fastballs. In Your Face Dunk, which neutralizes Japanese center Watanabe’s jump in the first round, was the highlight of the warm-up match 메이저토토

If you just run around like a “beast” like this, it may be nothing more than a “Kang Baek-ho,” but he even showed a sophisticated middle shot. His 2-2 play with Song Kyo-chang was proof that he opened his eyes to basketball.

Until when Oh Se-geun, Ra Gun-ah and Kim Jong-kyu will not be able to keep under the national team’s goal. In the meantime, a deity named Ha Yoon-ki appeared like a comet. He showed enough competitiveness on the international stage that he did not expect much due to his poor experience in the national team. I’m looking forward to his performance at the Asian Games.

On top of that, Heo Hoon, who will join after completing his military service, and Moon Sung-gon, who became a new family member as FA, also performed well in the warm-up match side by side. If it is a combination of three people, KCC and SK, who are candidates for the championship, will not be easy to see. KT fans who are waiting for the new season will be more excited

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