I won Liverpool. Klopp, replace him. Angry Some

I won Liverpool. Klopp, replace him. Angry Some

I won Liverpool. Klopp, replace him. Angry


Some Liverpool fans insisted on the replacement of the coach in the 1-4 defeat of the championship rival Manchester City 토토사이트

Liverpool lost to Manchester City 1-4 in the 23rd round of the 2020-21 English Premier League in Anfield, Liverpool, England on the 8th (Korea time).

The defeat left last season’s champion Liverpool with 40 points (11 wins, seven draws and four losses), widening the gap between the leading Manchester City and 10 points. The current ranking is fourth.

“I hope Liverpool fans will replace Jürgen Klopp and bring Steven Gerrard in the defeat of Manchester City,” England’s Talk Sports reported. “Even though Klopp won the league and the Champions League, Liverpool fans are not satisfied.”

Liverpool fan David, who was interviewed by TalkSport, said, “I hope Jürgen Klopp will leave.”

“Do you remember when Brandon Rovers lost 1-6 to Stoke City? Liverpool have suffered two terrible defeats this season. Aston Villa lost 2-7 to Manchester City today. Liverpool also lost to Brighton and Burnley at home. It’s a crisis, but I don’t think manager Klopp can solve it. Why did Klopp not prepare for Pandike’s injury? “We should have brought a defender on January 1st.

Klopp used Joel Matif as his starting defender instead of Pandike. When TalkSport asked about Matif, David said, “He’s not good enough.”

“Do you know why Alisson made such a mistake? “It’s because the defender is falling.”

Asked why he wanted to replace Klopp, David said, “I want Gerard. Gerrard won the Rangers. Gerrard is the leader. We don’t have a leader in the stadium. Jordan Henderson is not a leader. Look at the results when playing against the bottom six teams this season. “Gerrard will restore his mental strength to the team.

“Gerrard, who took over as manager of the Scottish Rangers in 2018, is on the verge of winning the league with 24 wins and 3 draws this season, widening the gap between Celtic and 20 points.” In his 152nd game, he won 100 games.

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