I want to be an actor who gives a strange feeling to the audience

I want to be an actor who gives a strange feeling to the audience

I want to be an actor who gives a strange feeling to the audience of Rune on Lee Bong-ryeon.

Lee Bong-ryeon

Park Mae-yi, a strong helper in JTBC drama “Run On,” Myung-sook, whose motherhood in Netflix’s original “Sweet Home,” and Miss Kim, the general affairs department, whose career was cut off due to pregnancy in the movie “Samjin Group English TOEIC Class.” Actor Lee Bong-ryeon (real name Lee Jeong-eun, 40) digests different clothes like a chameleon in each work.

He said in a video interview on the 3rd, “People around me are so well-received that they say it’s a tap that comes out when you turn it on,” and added, “I’m having a happy day because I can show good things and receive love.”

Minor and roles in movies and dramas, which has recently been public face and back and forth from perforned plays and musicals since 2005 has been active in the stage when ‘a seasoned actor’ the ruling party.

Director Bong Joon-ho, who worked with him in the movie “Okja,” cited him as the “most attention-seeking theater actor,” and Lee Jung-eun, who was called the hero of the movie “Parasite,” praised him as an “actor who shows everything even if he appears for a while.”

Lee Bong-ryeon recalled his relationship with Bong, saying, “Director Bong Joon-ho is a fan of my theater company ‘Alley Road’, so he booked tickets and came to watch the play with his son. He casted me in ‘Okja’ after watching the play.”

His alias Lee Bong-ryeon means “the kiln of the king riding the golden phoenix on the top.” It contains his wish to play a role in supporting the main character stably.

Maybe that’s why. He said, “Why am I. I’m worried about you” and “I like chemistry” as the most memorable lines and reactions in “Run On.”

“The line is an answer to Mi-Joo’s question, ‘Isn’t she worried about him?’ I’ve been standing by Mi-Joo’s side all the time, so I felt like the character Mae itself. Also, the reaction of “I like chemistry” was good because I thought I was doing well in what I had to do.”

He, who has played a great role in various movies and dramas recently, said, “I was overwhelmed by the idea that my character’s narrative has become so short that it could seem too much or burdensome for viewers.”

However, he said, “There are also narratives that are not fully described in the main character,” and added, “Whether it is the main character or the supporting actor, the weight of his worries about how to do his part is the same.”

Having lived as an actor for 16 years, he stated his goal to become an actor who always feels unfamiliar.

“One day, when I found out that it didn’t fit me, I got some power. Being an actor doesn’t suit my aptitude, but I think it’s fun to keep doing it. When I find my limitations, a moment of crisis comes, and I swear strongly at myself to wake up. (Laughing) I want to show you a different side of me in the future and give you a strange feeling. I just want to be imprinted on the audience for a long time as an actor.

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