I don’t want to do anything It’s time to get to know Seolhyun

I don’t want to do anything It’s time to get to know Seolhyun

I don’t want to do anything It’s time to get to know Seolhyun on her day off for a year


Kim Seol-hyun of “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” revealed why she decided to appear.

Director Lee Yoon-jung, Kim Seol-hyun and Lim Si-wan attended a production presentation for Genie TV’s original drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” at the Grand Ballroom of the Sangam Stanford Hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 15th.

“I Don’t Want to Do Anything” is a project to find a comma between Yeoreum (Kim Seol-hyun), a voluntary unemployed person who declared a life strike, and Daebeom (Im Si-wan), a librarian whose life is a question mark.

Director Lee Yoon-jung said on the same day, “It’s been more than 20 years since I started directing, and it was good to do my last work, but I’ve always wanted to die on the set.” “But I got tired as I did it,” he confessed.

I thought I could rest, but I happened to read the original. It really hit home like my story. Seol-hyun and she said they had a similar feeling, and I wanted to be able to realize this feeling as it is,” he said, explaining why he came to direct.

Seol-hyun said, “As the coach said, I really sympathized a lot. There were so many things that I could relate to that the character Yeoreum said, “Didn’t you really write my story?”

He said, “The characters I’ve played have been brave characters who say everything they have to say in a story that flows around an event. But actually, I thought I wasn’t that kind of person. However, I felt like I really knew it and I thought I could express it well,” he said, explaining the reason for his appearance.

“Yeoreum is passive and I think she can think of something frustrating when others see her. However, I was passive when I was young, and I felt that it was similar,” he added.

In particular, Seol-hyun explained about the character of Yeoreum, “What I sympathize with the most is that Yeoreum realizes that she seems to have become a person who does not know much about her at some point and declares a break and tries to get to know her.”

He said, “I had a break for about a year after thinking about work for about 10 years, and I thought it was a time to get to know myself more while doing things that were completely different from work, and it would help me live in the future.” “I acted with the hope that Yeoreum would experience the same mind as me,” she said 강남풀싸롱

Genie TV’s original drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” will be released on Genie TV, seezn (season) on the 21st, and will premiere at 9:20 p.m. on the same day on ENA channel.

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