He decided to break up with PSG Messi immediately because

He decided to break up with PSG Messi immediately because

He decided to break up with PSG Messi immediately because he missed team training


Lionel Messi has been suspended for two weeks by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a French professional footballer, for his unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia. This is a very unusual move in a fierce competition for rankings at the end of the league. As a result, the observation that PSG has decided to say goodbye to Messi is gaining momentum.

According to French media L’Equipe on the morning of the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), Messi was suspended from PSG for two weeks because he was absent from team training without permission. As a result, Messi will not be able to play in the French League 1 away game against Truia on the 8th and the home game against Aaxio on the 14th. Messi is not allowed to participate in training during the disciplinary period and is not paid.

Messi, the Saudi tourism agency’s ambassador, is reportedly in team training to fulfill the sponsorship contract. Messi initially asked questions from PSG coach Christophe Galtier and general manager Luis Campos for a visit to Saudi Arabia and received positive answers. Galtier planned to give the team two days off if he wins, as there is a week to the next game after the match against Lorien on the 30th of last month local time. However, PSG lost 1-3 to Lorien, and Galtier went straight to training the next day.

However, Messi pushed ahead with his trip to Saudi Arabia without asking Galtier and Campos for permission to travel again, even though he did not get a vacation. When Messi was absent from training without notice, some PSG players expressed dissatisfaction, and PSG decided to impose heavy penalties on Messi to discipline the team. “PSG set an example when it decided to impose sanctions on Messi,” L’Equipe explained. Messi’s decision to go to Saudi Arabia and PSG’s heavy punishment are expected to lead to a farewell between Messi and PSG. Messi signed a two-year contract with PSG in August 2021, and his contract expires in June. Messi and PSG have been negotiating on renewing their contracts, but they have been slow, and PSG fans have recently booed Messi. “PSG’s decision to suspend Messi from playing for two weeks means that Messi’s PSG history is over,” L’Equipe said, and the British media BBC also analyzed that Messi’s PSG career is virtually over.”

PSG decided to break up with Messi, but Messi, who led Argentina to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, receives love calls from all over the world. Messi’s former home Barcelona is also eyeing him. Barcelona Chairman Juan Laporta reportedly met Messi in March, and rumors that Messi plans to send his sons to a Barcelona-based school have been gaining momentum.

The problem is Messi’s huge salary. Forbes, a U.S. business magazine, analyzed Messi’s annual salary of 65 million dollars this year. However, Barcelona cannot afford Messi’s salary. According to the BBC, Barcelona should reduce its team’s annual salary by 66% next season from this season. With existing players unable to maintain, Messi’s recruitment is virtually impossible. Barcelona will also have to inject astronomical funds into the renovation and expansion of its home stadium Camp Nou 토토놀이터

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, where Messi went on a trip, is also seeking to recruit Messi. Fabrizio Romano of Italy, a European football transfer expert, said, “Alhilar sent Messi an official offer. “The annual salary is more than 400 million euros (591.6 billion won).” Saudi clubs are recruiting world-class players for Saudi League marketing. In January, Alnasr recruited Cristiano Ronaldo for an annual salary of 200 million euros (295.8 billion won). If Messi wears an al-Hilal uniform, the “Meho match” will take place on the Saudi stage

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