Yoon Park married Kim Soo-bin a 6-year-old younger model

Yoon Park married Kim Soo-bin a 6-year-old younger model

Yoon Park married Kim Soo-bin a 6-year-old younger model in September Long-term love and respect

Yoon Park

Actor Yoon Park is out of stock. Yoon Park’s bride-to-be is Kim Soo-bin, a beautiful model who is six years younger than her.

On the 3rd, Yoon Park’s agency H&Entertainment made an official statement and announced the news of Yoon Park’s marriage.

The agency said, “I would like to share good news about my actor Yoon Park. Yoon Park will sign a 100-year-old promise on September 2nd, he said. “Yoon Park will form a couple’s relationship with the bride-to-be based on trust and respect.” “The two continued to have a serious meeting, supporting each other in their deep faith and love for each other,” he said

The ceremony will be held behind closed doors somewhere in Seoul with family members and close acquaintances. I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who warmly watch and love actor Yoon Park and bless the future of the two, who are about to make a new start as a family, he said. “I hope you will send a lot of support and love to Yoon Park, who will continue his activities as an actor even after marriage.”

On this day, Yoon Park also wrote a handwritten letter on his SNS to announce the wedding news. Yoon Bak said, “The reason why I carefully wrote is to promise to be with my beloved lover for the rest of my life this fall, and to tell you this news,” adding, “It gave me a lot of love and trust during the time together, and the happiness and stability of each other decided this moment.” “I would appreciate it if you could happily bless our future so that we can have a good family,” he said.

According to Star News coverage, Yoon Park’s bride-to-be is model Kim Soo-bin, who was born in 1993, and is currently working for YG K Plus.

Kim Soo-bin is an attractive model with a slim body and beautiful appearance like an actor. According to officials, the two ended up getting married after a long relationship. It is said that it was not speeding.

Meanwhile, Yoon Park debuted as an actor in 2012 through MBC Everyone’s “Who Can Save Me,” and appeared in “Dear You,” “Glass Mask,” “Good Doctor,” “What’s Wrong with Family,” and “Youth Era.”

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