Execute team options for Denver Michael Porter Jr.

Execute team options for Denver Michael Porter Jr.

Execute team options for Denver Michael Porter Jr.


Denver Nuggets, of course, will be more with the team’s prospects.

According to local sources, Denver exercised team options for the fourth-year contract for “MPJ” Michael Porter Jr. (forward, 208 cm, 95.8 kg). This option is for contracts to be implemented after the upcoming 2020-2021 season, and Porter will remain in Denver for the 2021-2022 season as well.

Usually, when the team is about to sign a contract for a new player due to the team’s main strength, they often sign an extension contract. Denver, however, has yet to sign an extension with Porter. There’s plenty of time until the beginning of the season, but it’s understood that you’re trying to decide after watching the next season a little more. As he becomes a limited free agent after the 2020-2021 season, Denver still has room to sit down.

Denver’s salary cap is enough. In the summer of 2022, when Potter’s rookie contract expires, Denver’s salary cap will be largely cleared up. This is because most of the players’ contracts with Gary Harris and Will Barton will expire. As the contract with all players except Nikola Yokichi and Jericho Murray ends, it’s enough to give Porter a stable contract.

This season is very important for Porter. Jeremy Grant (Detroite), who played as the main forward until last season, has left the team. Porter should serve as Denver’s flagship forward. Barton and Paul Milcott are in place, but Porter needs to be well centered. If Porter plays the same role as Grant last season, it would be perfect for Denver.

Denver already has certain young pillars: Yokichi and Murray. Add to this Porter’s growth, which showed enough promise last season, and Denver could be classified as a stronger power. He also showed his potential as he advanced to the Western Conference Final last season. In other words, if Porter is more energetic, Denver remains the favorite.

He played 16.4 minutes per game in 55 games last season, scoring 9.3 points (.509 .422 .833) and recording 4.7 rebounds. It was difficult to play for as long as he had to be away due to injury before. In addition, it was difficult for Porter to gain immediate competitiveness as Denver’s front court was thick. He could not play a leading role, as he was also the main player of Grant.

But he exploded the rest of the season on Orlando’s campus. While Harris and Barton were unable to play due to injuries, Porter played as the starting pitcher, which exceeded expectations. He scored 22 points (.551 .422 .931) and 1.6 assists in an average of 33.3 minutes in seven games at Disney World. Murray also had many chances to lead the attack as he failed to come forward due to injury.

Porter’s survival needs to lead the bench attack while being competitive with Yokichi and Murray. It is questionable whether Denver will use Milwaukee and Barton as its main forwards next season, or Porter and Barton as its main players, but for now, either of them needs to be done with certainty. Considering the competitiveness shown on the Orlando campus, it is assumed to lead the bench attack.

He entered the NBA through the 2019 draft. He was called by Denver as the 14th in the first round. He has been known as a high-class prospect since high school, but he failed to avoid a drop in nomination order as he failed to play many games at NCAA due to injury in the 2018-2019 season. Denver was able to call Potter at the end of the rotary pick.

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