Ballon d’Or Dream Team, Bon Ferguson, who’s wearing it?

Ballon d’Or Dream Team, Bon Ferguson, who’s wearing it?

Ballon d’Or Dream Team, Bon Ferguson, who’s wearing it?

Dream Team

Former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson expressed concern about the team that has the best players ever made. “Who’s going to take the penalty kick?”

France Football, which hosts the Ballon d’Or, unveiled the Ballon d’Or Dream Team on the 15th (Korean time) without holding an award ceremony this year in the aftermath of Corona 19. This is the first time that the annual Ballon d’Or award ceremony has been canceled since 1956.

After unveiling 10 candidates for each position in October, about 140 reporters from around the world voted. In the 3-4-3 formation, three top players were Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo (retired), and Lionel Messi.

The midfielders were separated into offense and defense. The attacking midfielders are Brazilian and Argentine soccer legends Pele and Maradona, respectively. Maradona recently died of a heart attack, and many people, including footballers, have paid their respects. The defensive midfielders are Rotar Matteus, the “German soccer legend,” and Xavi Hernandez, who was the center of Barcelona and Spain’s “Tikitaka” tactics.

Paolo Maldini and Kapu stood on both sides, centering on Kaiser’s Franz Beckenbauer. The goal was guarded by Lef Yassin, the epitome of the goalkeeper.

It is the best 11 in the world. Superstars of one era, such as Johann Cruyff, Zinedine Zidane, Marco van Baston, Michel Platini, Franco Baresi, Zanluigi Buffon and Ronaldinho, were only named second and third.

Former Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson was chosen as the head coach to lead the spectacular squad after the French Football League called and sent an e-mail to the doctor. Ferguson made a brief comment along with an analysis of 11 players.

According to an interview published on the 16th in France Football, Ferguson pointed out one weakness. Of course, it is a weakness as a team. “I think there’s a lack of a central defender. The problem is that I don’t know who to exclude. “I want to put in Daniela Pasarella. He is a fantastic player. Fast and active. “Maybe I can be a good partner for Beckenbauer.

He also expressed another concern. Ferguson said, “I don’t know who I should leave the penalty to.” This is because there are many players with excellent kick, goal determination, and courage.

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