Destroying the Essence of Tag Up. 2Base → Home in STL

Destroying the Essence of Tag Up. 2Base → Home in STL

Destroying the Essence of Tag Up. 2Base → Home in STL Vader Baseball Sense Explosion


St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Harrison Vader’s “baseball sense” exploded. He hit a decisive hit that dragged the opponent’s starter down in 1 3 innings with a base hit that caught him off guard.

Vader is the runner on second base with one out and runners on second and third base in the top of the second inning with a 2-0 lead over the Milwaukee Brewers at American Family Field in Wisconsin on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time). During Tommy Edman’s sacrifice fly to center field, he dug through third base and home through tag-up to score.

There is no correct answer to baseball, but tag-ups usually move from first base to second base or second base to third base and Hanul. However, Vader refused the standard. Vader, who was a second baseman, stepped on third base during Edman’s sacrifice fly to center field and immediately rushed home to score.

He got help from opposing center fielder Lorenzo Kane. Kane jumped on Edman’s sacrifice fly and fell. Kane caught it well as the ball bent to the right-center. Since then, he has quickly connected the ball to the left fielder who came to cover play, but Vader and the operational and base coach did not miss the gap. The operational and running coach, who was at third base, also saw the ball connecting and turned his arm vigorously to help Vader make a quick judgment.

Milwaukee fielders sometimes look blank when Vader steps home.

Thanks to Vader, who advanced one more base through tag-up, Edman was able to create a rare scene where he scored two RBIs with a sacrifice fly.

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