Coach Tuchel – Tottenham, Unbelievable…”It won’t be the first choice”.

Coach Tuchel – Tottenham, Unbelievable…”It won’t be the first choice”.

Coach Tuchel – Tottenham, Unbelievable…”It won’t be the first choice”.

Thomas Tuchel may want a bigger club than Tottenham.

Coach Tuchel

It was from mid-January that coach Antonio Conte and Tottenham may break up at the end of this season. Sami Mokbel, a reporter for Britain’s Daily Mail, said on the 16th, “Conte’s position in Tottenham has recently become more uncertain. Contrary to public expectations that he will extend his contract, he may leave this summer. Tottenham has the option to extend its contract with Conte for another year, but it is highly likely that it will not be activated if their directions do not match, he reported.

There will be a more specific direction after the winter transfer market is over, but it is true that coach Conte is more likely to leave in the current atmosphere. Coach Conte continues to want Tottenham to invest and support him, but Tottenham has no recruitment in the transfer market this winter. It is connected to several players, but there is no news that the negotiation is imminent.

If Conte leaves, Tottenham should bring in the next manager. Director Conte is more likely to not be able to break off the relationship, and fans are increasingly criticizing him. Of course, I have no choice but to try to bring a better director. So the director mentioned was Tuchel.

At the time, reporter Mokbel said, “It is unclear whether Tuchel will consider going to Tottenham considering the successful achievements he has made at Chelsea, but he is a clear candidate.” Tuchel is considered more tactically than Conte. He led Chelsea to the top of Europe in the 2020-21 season. If Tuchel really comes, criticism against the club will also subside.

However, David Onstein, a reporter for the British “The Athletic,” predicted that Tuchel is unlikely to accept Tottenham. He appeared on ‘Sky Sports’ in the UK on the 18th and said, “Tuchel doesn’t have a job now, but Tottenham won’t be his first choice. “Even if he returns, he is likely to be looking for another place,” he said. 안전놀이터

Reporter Onstein thought that it would be a more realistic scenario for coach Conte to stay rather than for Tuchel to become Tottenham manager. “If Tottenham get good results in an away match against Manchester City and go with the flow in the second half, Conte may extend his contract,” he added.

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