100 Mile Strider New Dr K on the Atlanta Mound

100 Mile Strider New Dr K on the Atlanta Mound

100 Mile Strider New Dr K on the Atlanta Mound

100 Mile

The “defending champion” Atlanta Braves showed up. Spencer Strider, 24, is putting great weight on the starting mound with a fastball of up to 100 miles.

Strider pitched 59 2/3 innings in 18 games (7 starts) of the season until the 4th (Korea Standard Time), recording four wins and two losses and a 2.87 ERA. There are 90 strikeouts.

After switching to the starting lineup, he pitched 35 1/3 innings in seven games, with a 3–1 record and a 3.31 ERA. There are 53 strikeouts.

At first, Atlanta expected Strider to play a role as long as a relief pitcher. However, he is adapting well with a fastball of up to 100 miles in the starting lineup.

Strider finished five innings for the first time in his third game since the switchover, against the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 11. 4 hits and no runs in 5 2/3 innings.

He then struck out two runs and 11 strikeouts in 5 2/3 innings against the Washington Nationals on June 16, marking his first double-digit strikeout.

He also made his first quality start in the game against the San Francisco Giants on June 22 but without losing six innings against the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 27.

Strider, who gained momentum, scored one run and 11 strikeouts in six innings against the Cincinnati Reds on the 3rd, achieving both quality starts and double-digit strikeouts for the first time 안전공원추천

What’s surprising is that he struck out every nine innings. Strider has recorded 13.5 strikeouts per nine innings both throughout the season and after the start conversion.

If the Strider continues to look like this, Atlanta can form an excellent starting line-up with existing Max Fried-Kyle Wright and resurrected Charlie Morton

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