Yokichi 35P 15R Denver Minnesota 5 losses in a row.

Yokichi 35P 15R Denver Minnesota 5 losses in a row.

Yokichi 35P 15R Denver Minnesota 5 losses in a row.


Denver beat Minnesota at home and took the opportunity to turn the tide.

Denver Nuggets won 123-116 against the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2020-2021 NBA regular season at the Denver Ball Arena on the 6th (Korean time).

Denver gave the team a victory, with Nikola Yokichi scoring 35 points and 15 rebounds and 6 assists. Will Barton also contributed to the airlift with 18 points and seven rebounds 토토추천

Minnesota had 33 points, three rebounds and 11 assists, including four three-point shots, with a double-double, but lost the chance to escape the losing streak as it gave up the flow in the match.

Denver, who dominated the lead with consecutive goals by Gary Harris and Paul Millsab early in the first quarter, quickly spread the lead with Jamal Murray and Barton joining the scoring march. Denver, who scored both inside and outside the box, led Minnesota’s defense 34-22 in the first quarter.

Denver boosted the mood with two three-pointers by Jamaican Green in the second quarter and a layup by Pacundo Campacho. However, Minnesota’s counterattack began in the middle of the second quarter. Denver, who was hit by Juan Hernan Gomez and Russell back-to-back shots, lost the lead to Minnesota in the second half of the quarter, trailing 62–65.

In the third quarter, Denver began to narrow the gap with Yokichi’s performance, which led the team’s offense with scores and assists. Later in the quarter, P.J. Dodger’s layup score tied the score, but he allowed Russell and Jake Lehman to score and failed to produce a reversal. So Denver finished the third quarter at 93-96.

In the fourth quarter, Denver started to cheer up again. Denver, which returned the game to square one with Yokichi’s consecutive score and Monte Morris’ three-point shot, widened the gap with Kampacho’s basket count three-point play and Barton’s consecutive score while Minnesota was struggling. Denver, who won the second half of the quarter with Murray and Harris’ layups, shook off Minnesota’s pursuit and finished the game with a victory.

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