Yang Hyeon-jong’s selection collapse. If he doesn’t make it through TEX

Yang Hyeon-jong’s selection collapse. If he doesn’t make it through TEX

Yang Hyeon-jong’s selection collapse. If he doesn’t make it through TEX, that’s it.

Yang Hyeon-jong's

“Big pitcher” Yang Hyun-jong (33) will join the Texas Rangers and challenge the big league. It’s a minor contract. It’s up to you. First, the team chose well. If it doesn’t work in Texas, it should be considered difficult for other clubs. You can be an FA with opt-out.But it doesn’t really mean much 먹튀토토

Texas officially announced on the 13th that it signed Yang Hyun-jong. He is a minor contract and receives an annual salary of 1.3 million dollars for entering a minor contract. It also has an incentive of 550,000 dollars. Several teams made suggestions, and Yang Hyun-jong chose Texas.

Now Yang Hyun-jong will challenge the big league as a minor leaguer. There is also a clause that can be an FA through opt-out depending on whether or not he enters the Major League roster after the exhibition game. If you don’t make it to the big leagues in Texas, you can try again from another team.

Above all, he should show good performance at the spring camp where he participates as an invited player. That way, there is a possibility of a call-up. The assistant manager evaluated him as a “validated pitcher with three beats of experience, personality, and durability,” but it is meaningless if he fails in the camp.

It is worth noting that the destination is Texas. The team with almost no starters. He ranked 12th (5.32) in the American League starting average last year. However, it became weaker as ace Lance Lynn (34, ERA 3.32) fell out. It is a team that can be an opportunity for Yang Hyun-

According to the MLB.com Debs Chart, Kyle Gibson (34) and Jordan Liles (31) are expected to be placed in the first two starts in 2021. Kohei Arihara (29), who moved from Nihon Ham to posting, was the third starter, while Wes Benjamin (28) and Kyle Cody (27) were the fourth and fifth. Colby Allard (24), Dane Dunning (27), and Mike Poltinewitz (30).

Yang Hyun-jong should dig in this gap. There is a possibility. It is less stable from one to two punches. Gibson only averaged 4.84 in 2019 and 5.35 in 2020, while Liles also averaged 4.15 in 2019 and 7.02 in 2020.

Arihara is a big league challenger like Yang Hyun-jong, while Benjamin, Cody and Dunning made their debut last year. Allard also had a poor ERA of 7.75 in 2020, and Poltinewitz has been on a steep decline since 2018.

Even if it was a minor contract, Yang Hyun-jong’s team chose the right one. Among the 30 clubs, it is difficult to find a team with many question marks on the starting line up to this extent. Texas has been suffering from a shortage of starting pitchers in recent years, and in 2021, it has become especially severe. It seems that the opportunity will go to Yang Hyun-jong in some way.

On the contrary, if Yang Hyun-jong fails to establish himself in Texas, it can be said that it will be difficult to win a position with any other club. Although he has the right to opt-out, if Texas makes a “no” decision, other teams will also offer a minor contract. Yang Hyeon-jong, who has to bet everything on this spring camp.

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