Y-zone pain itching vaginitis medication Can I apply kanesten

Y-zone pain itching vaginitis medication Can I apply kanesten

Y-zone pain itching vaginitis medication Can I apply kanesten zest + cream?


Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s.

A few days ago, Y-zone pain and itching began to appear. At first, I thought it was a temporary tickling caused by a scratch on my fingernail. Over time, the symptoms of itching in the Y-zone are not alleviated, and are persistent until now.

Before I took a shower, I looked into my Y-zone with a mirror. There’s a white secretion-like substance that’s not watery. It looks like a chunk of cheese.

There were dark spots and red spots. The important thing is that the smell there is too bad.

I had a relationship with my boyfriend last week. Perhaps because of the bad smell, his expression was like a person who ate fermented skate for 20 years. I have sex with my boyfriend about once a week.

I’ll get rid of the symptoms again.

If you sit in a chair for a long time, you’ll get pain in your Y-zone. (It stings.) The same goes for wiping with tissue after urinating.

Do you have Candida vaginitis? There’s a vaginitis drug called Canesten Charm + Cream, will it work? I’m ashamed to visit the gynecologist and get treatment, so I want to treat it in a way that I don’t go to the hospital.

A: Candida vaginitis cannot be determined by lumpy white vaginitis alone.

Candidative vaginitis can produce white vaginal secretions such as cheese, itchiness in the vaginal entrance, soreness and pain in the outer ear, urinary pain, and sexual transportation. It is caused by Candida, a fungus, and has a characteristic of liking humidity.

Candidasitis is suspected, but it may be other bacterial vaginitis. You’ll have to go to the hospital and get an examination to find out the exact details. If the vaginitis is left unattended and chronic, the treatment period will increase and recur.

In case of Candida vaginitis, you can use Canesten Charm + Cream. You can buy it at a pharmacy over the counter, but I recommend you visit a nearby gynecologist for treatment as soon as possible.

It is important to ventilate well. Dry and tight clothes should be avoided after taking a shower. Sexual intercourse is also prohibited during treatment.

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