Medication during breastfeeding I’m a woman in her 30s

Medication during breastfeeding I’m a woman in her 30s

Medication during breastfeeding (Ealdicapsule, Binex Sepakler Capsule, Penzal 8 Hours)


Q: I’m a woman in her 30s who is breastfeeding. I went to the ENT a few days ago because I had cough and headache symptoms.

The doctor told me that my tonsils were swollen a lot, and that Ialdicapsule (300 mg of Erdostane), Bainx Sepacler Capsule (250 mg of Sepakler), and Penzal (8 hours of acetaminophen) were prescribed to me.

I’m sure you prescribed it on your own, but I tried searching the Internet because I was nervous. They said you can’t take drugs while breastfeeding. Are you sure it’s okay to eat?

The baby, who is now six months old, refuses the bottle. Since I don’t drink powdered milk, I can’t stop breastfeeding. What should I do?

A: If you take medication during breastfeeding, some of the drug ingredients you take are likely to be passed on to the baby. It’s hard to know for sure whether the ingredient is dangerous or safe for the baby. Therefore, most medication manuals say that care is needed when taking lactation.

If it’s a medicine that a baby prescribes when he or she is sick, of course the mother can take it 시알리스 파는곳

There is no problem with taking the above medicine. This Aldicapsule, Bainx Sepacler Capsule, and Penzal 8-Hour Alsabang are all drugs that can be used safely in the nursing department.

If you are really worried, breastfeed the baby and take medicine right away. This will allow about 3 hours for the next lactation. The medicine will slowly break down at that time.

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