Wisdom tooth self teeth transplant (melted gum bone)

Wisdom tooth self teeth transplant (melted gum bone)

Wisdom tooth self teeth transplant (melted gum bone)


She came here because her gum bones melted because of gum disease. I want to talk about wisdom teeth while looking at her I’ve told you many times that you can’t go back to melting once the pathogen has melted down its roots and gone down the plaque So even if you emphasize all the treatment, you can’t complain of discomfort because your bones are all melted. It’s something you can’t do because you care about, so it’s a case where you have to remove your teeth and transplant your top

The upper part of my gums and everything. I’m nervous If you look at the diagram, the wisdom teeth are not good, and the gum bones are melted a lot, so the gum disease has intensified until the 4th day when the tail cracks You can see it better when it’s small If you look here, there’s someone in the bones This molar is a tooth extraction wisdom tooth

It’s better when you have wisdom teeth transplant, but if it’s better than implants, there’s something you can do, so it’s a good idea to eat out It’s from a transplant It’s already been recorded, but because the roots of the original molars that cause the break-up are gone, he can be friends again, and it’s really a multi-potential light cell on the root of the wisdom tooth that’s subdivided, so the bone can be attached to the mouth because it’s a clean call

These are the opposite molars on the other sideI emphasize once again that I don’t feel well and that people don’t get sick until they wake up to the point where they used to have a split meaning, but it’s a blind spot for gum disease If you look at the gum, it’s maintained well with a pink press, and the shape is not bad. It’s a crown on the top. It’s a crown. I was happy to use it well, but unfortunately, she pulled out her wisdom teeth and had her teeth removed

If you take out the conditions on your wisdom tooth lips, and look at the conditions on your teeth, the roots that are already infected around us cannot live even if the bones are inflamed If it cools down, it can’t be completely boned, so you can’t implant it anywhere else, because even if it’s transplanted, it won’t come out, so if it’s a wisdom tooth, it can only be transplanted if it’s filled with tailbone without gum disease 비아그라 복용법

I took a picture of my wisdom tooth on the other side, and there was little bulgogi on this side, so I decided to choose Lee Sangyeol’s lecture As I said before, if the bottom is thin and the bones that aren’t left are filled late, I’ll point out the shape a little bit more freely, but the bottom is low and put it on top of the bottom

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