Why didn’t the Mets catch the Springer? Toronto’s strong will

Why didn’t the Mets catch the Springer? Toronto’s strong will

Why didn’t the Mets catch the Springer? Toronto’s strong will


George Springer (32), who signed a six-year, 150 million-dollar contract with the Toronto Blue Jays, was also on sale for the New York Mets.

According to local media, the Mets offered a $120 million contract to Springer. However, as Toronto gave Springer more than that amount, the Mets failed to catch a sprinter from Connecticut, who was close to his hometown.

The New York Post analyzed why the Mets did not recruit Springer, who agreed to a contract with Toronto the day before January 21 (Korean time).

The media first assessed that Toronto’s will was too strong. Toronto showed interest in various players, including Francisco Lindor, who the Mets recruited as a trade, DJ LeMayhew, Trevor Bauer, and Liam Hendrix. However, there was no specific move. A Mets official said in an interview, “I felt Toronto would raise the amount (not catching a big-time FA) 메이저사이트

Metz also played a part in internal situations. The Mets will be released as FA after this season, another outfielder Michael Conporto. The concerto is not as good as the springer, but it is also possible to hit 30 home runs. Furthermore, Conporto, who will turn 28 this year, is a must-have player for the Mets.

In addition, starting pitchers such as Steven Martz, Noah Syndergaard, and Marcus Stroman will appear in the FA market after the end of this season. Considering Robinson Cano’s remaining salary, who was caught taking banned drugs, the Mets should be careful about recruiting players.

It is also unclear whether the National League will maintain the designated hitter system, which is why the Mets did not actively participate. The Mets replaced Pete Alonso and Dominic Smith as designated batters last season. If the designated hitter is maintained, Brandon Nemo can be sent to the left fielder and the designated hitter position can be used flexibly, but it is unclear at the moment.

For many reasons, the Mets could not catch the Springer. Instead, the Mets are said to be focusing more on extending the contract with Lindor. However, the fact that the position of the head of the team was vacant due to an unsavory incident is a stumbling block.

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