When you’re thinking about it you look like a pure white angel

When you’re thinking about it you look like a pure white angel

When you’re thinking about it you look like a pure white angel


Ko Min-si boasted her dazzling visuals.

Beauty-Life Magazine Beauty P conducted a pictorial shoot with actor Ko Min-si, who made a strong impression with delicate acting and character digestibility in Netflix’s original Sweet Home, dramas May Youth, and Jirisan Mountain.

Standing in front of the camera with the studio all white behind, Ko Min-si surprised everyone by showing her pure, white angel-like appearance. Natural makeup and simple style costumes complete the unique clean image, literally creating an all-time “concerned” pictorial. Rumor has it that she was able to see a different face from the character in the work she had shown so far, especially when she stared at the camera with a girl-like expression who knew nothing.

From the movie “The Witch,” which showed real acting like a real best friend in reality, to “The Youth of May,” which made viewers cry with desperate melodrama, and “Meal,” which is a movie with great seniors such as Kim Hye-soo and Yeom Jeong-ah, anyone has been working hard. When asked if she likes to be busy, she nodded without hesitation, saying, “I like it because I feel like I’m living today when I’m at the scene. While working, you only have to focus on acting without thinking about anything else, so you feel comfortable. The writer, director, and actor all work together, so there is certainty in the reason for my existence,” he said, expressing his heavenly aspect. Also, “I want to play a character that breaks away from the typical stereotype. The role itself is fresh and new, so I think it will be another stimulus,” he said, raising expectations for future moves.

She renewed her life character by perfectly digesting her first terrestrial lead film, Youth of May, and even acting in a difficult dialect, and in fact, she had a lot of worries when she first met the character Myung-hee. “I thought a lot because I was a very different character from my previous role. He studied how to revive Myung-hee’s color without interfering with the story, and built a character by reading documents and books about the times. I felt a sense of responsibility to faithfully participate in the work when the writer Han Kang said, “The Boy Is Coming” was a great help.” She said, “I want to be an actor with aurora-like color, who calmly trims his voice for a good acting and tries to maintain composure even in normal times.” I want to fill the background of being an actor with a variety of colors that cannot be defined as one,” he said with a bright smile.

Meanwhile, Ko Min-si’s innocent goddess pictorial, which always does her best to show colorful and new acting, can be found in the January issue of Beautiful, the official website, and SNS.

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