What LG saw from Ramos: slugging and fighting spirit.

What LG saw from Ramos: slugging and fighting spirit.

What LG saw from Ramos: slugging and fighting spirit.


I saw a definite advantage. LG grabbed foreign hitter Roberto Ramos (26), who is also a hitter.

LG signed a 2021 season contract with Ramos on the 22nd for a total of 1 million U.S. dollars (a contract of 200,000 dollars, an annual salary of 600,000 dollars, and an incentive of 200,000 dollars). Although the negotiations were prolonged and they sought alternatives, they safely confirmed their partnership for two consecutive years.

“Lamos is a necessary resource for the team,” said LG manager Cha Myung-seok. There was a problem other than the amount. It’s hard to be specific, but it worked out well.

Ramos stepped into the KBO league for the first time this year. He showed off his strong batting skills. In total 117 games, he batted .278 (120 hits in 431 at-bats), 38 home runs and 86 RBIs, a .592 slugging percentage, and 0.954 OPS (long-run plus on-base percentage). While using a wide range of pitcher-friendly Jamsil Stadium as his home run, he ranked second in the league and fourth in slugging percentage. He has recorded the most home runs in a season for his team has ever had. Cha said, “The biggest weapon is that the winner can hit a big one. He is young and energetic.

If they finish the full-time race in good health, they will show stronger performance. He was listed as injured for six days in mid-June due to back pain. In early October, he was out of power due to sprained ankle. He failed to finish the regular season together. Cha said, “We can`t help but get injured during the season. He judged that his current physical condition is fine. Now that I have finished adjusting, I will definitely show better performance next year 안전놀이터

Although he is a foreigner, he also played the role of a dugout mood maker. In particular, in this year’s semi-playoff game against Doosan, he was on base with a walk but roared fiercely as he was dragged by a big gap. He also shouted that it was not over yet. He batted .375 (three hits in eight at-bats) with two home runs and two RBIs in two games. Cha said, “We consider it quite high in terms of fighting. The fighting spirit that he showed in the postseason must have been imprinted on many fans.

There are some things that need to be supplemented. Cha said, “We hope to increase the on-base percentage by 0.362 this year. “It’s not for the team leader,” he said. “The coach and the batting coach will guide us well on the spot.”

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