“What are you looking at? You idiot?” Messi World Cup verbal..

“What are you looking at? You idiot?” Messi World Cup verbal..

“What are you looking at? You idiot?” Messi World Cup verbal abuse, belatedly explained. The reason why I was angry at the Manchester United striker.

Lionel Messi (PSG), Argentina’s “God of Soccer,” belatedly explained the abusive language he uttered during the World Cup.


British media Mirror reported on the 30th that Messi finally revealed why he collided with Bout Behorst (Manchester United).

Messi and Dutch striker Behorst’s bad relationship goes back to the quarterfinals of the 2022 Qatar World Cup held on December 10 last year.

Argentina and the Netherlands couldn’t decide the winner by 2-2 after a bloody overtime fight. Argentina beat the Netherlands in a penalty shootout and finally won the championship.

This game was very intense. A total of 18 yellow cards were poured out from both teams. The media play before and after the game was also great.

The scene in question was when Messi looked out of the screen caught by the broadcast camera during the interview after the victory, “What are you looking at? Go your way, you idiot.”

The target of the abuse was Behorst. At that time, Behorst was reportedly waiting for the end of the interview to shake hands with Messi and exchange uniforms. It must have been absurd to be cursed at.

Behorst said, “I went to shake hands after the game. Messi did not accept it. He said rude things to me. I didn’t even understand Spanish very well. I’m very disappointed,” he said.

Messi explained the incident almost a month and a half later.

According to the Mirror, Messi said, “In fact, everything was natural. More has actually happened with the player on the field. It’s the moment when there’s tension and friction and things like that cross. “If that’s the case, the referee will also have a fever,” he recalled.

Messi said, “It was a mixed zone at the time. The game had just ended. “Everything remained the same,” he confessed, adding that the excitement that occurred in the game continued. 코인파워볼

In the game, Messi scored one goal and one assist. Behorst was put in the second half when the Netherlands were trailing 0-2. High-flying bombing using tall height worked well. Behorst scored consecutive goals in the 38th minute of the second half and just before the end of the game. Behorst moved to Manchester United in the January transfer window based on his World Cup performance.

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