Voice Byun Yo Han’s best friend Park Jung Min and Chuseok

Voice Byun Yo Han’s best friend Park Jung Min and Chuseok

Voice Byun Yo Han’s best friend Park Jung Min and Chuseok big match. 199% agree.


Byun Yo-han of the movie “Voice” expressed his feelings about playing in a big screen match with his best friend Park Jung-min during the Chuseok season.

Byun Yo-han made the remarks in an interview with Spotify News on the 13th, ahead of the release of the movie “Voice” (Director Kim Sun, Kim Gok).

Byun Yo-han is set to be released on the 15th, starring in the criminal action “Voice,” which advocates a “full-fledged voice phishing vaccine movie.” Just in time, Byun Yo-han and Park Jung-min’s new work Miracle, a colleague of the Korea National University of Arts (Han Ye-jong), will also be released on the same day and face off in the Chuseok theater district.

Byun Yo-han said, “I went to college with my friend Park Jung-min and did many plays together. I have so many memories that I wonder if I could talk in such a short time, he said. “I know how much I thought about it and how much I struggled to make the work.” He then said, “I thought I knew 200% in the past. “I don’t see you often now, so I think I know 199 percent,” he said.

Byun Yo-han said, “But the two actors in their 30s, who have been working hard, met each other during a little difficult time,” adding, “I want to give even a little comfort to the hard theater and many audiences.” “I think he will do the same,” he said. He then sent constant support to Park Jung-min, saying, “Miracle is also fighting 부산출장마사지

“Voice” is a real crime action film that takes place when Seo-joon (Byun Yo-han), who was trapped by a voice phishing organization and lost everything, infiltrates his base in China to regain the money he lost, and meets Kwak (Kim Moo-yeol), a voice phishing designer. It will be released on the 15th.

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