Unexpected Couples Marry Shock Ending Season 3 Whatever

Unexpected Couples Marry Shock Ending Season 3 Whatever

Unexpected Couples Marry Shock Ending Season 3 Whatever You Imagine, More Than That


“Whatever you imagine, more than that, you can look forward to it.”

TV Chosun drama “Marriage Lyricist Divorce Song 2” is stimulating viewers’ imagination with a shocking ending. “Marriage Lyricist Divorce Composition 2 (playwright Phoebe (Lim Sung-eun), director Yoo Jung-joon and Lee Seung-hoon, hereinafter referred to as “Respiratory Song 2″ recorded 16.6% of viewership (provided by Nielsen Korea) in the last episode on the 8th.” This is the highest ratings for TV Chosun dramas.

Up until the 15th episode, the happy ending of the affair couples was predicted, and the ending of the day showed unexpected couples getting married. Judge Hyun (Sung Hoon) was about to give birth to Song Won (Lee Min-young), an affair woman with Shin Yu-shin (Lee Tae-gon), but headed to the wedding hall.

Songwon was joined by Seo Ban (Moon Sung-ho). Seo-ban was portrayed as a favorite character of Bu Hye-ryeong (Lee Ga-ryeong), the ex-wife of Judge Hyeon, but he was connected to Song-won. Shin Yu-shin’s ex-wife, Safi-young (Park Joo-mi), held Seo Dong-ma’s hand and walked on Virgin Road at the wedding hall. Seo Dong-ma proposed to Nam Ga-bin (Im He-young), who broke up with Park Hae-ryun (Jeon No-min), and the marriage between Seo Dong-ma and Safi-young is surprising.

There was no relationship to the extent that they liked each other or hinted at marriage in “Joksa Song 2.” As they suddenly got married, viewers are confused. There are also speculations as to why the couple split.

The most common opinion is that the wedding scene is imaginary. Author Lim Sung-eun has often used Im Sang-shin in his previous works as well as in “Song 2 of the Resolution.” This wedding scene seems to be the most persuasive as it is the imaginary god of some characters. On the other hand, there is a joke that it is a novel written by writer Lee Si-eun (Jeon Soo-kyung).

Meanwhile, some say that only Safi-young and Seo Dong-ma will be married. Judge Hyun-Ami, Seoban-Songwon are heading for the wedding hall, but Seo Dong-ma and Safi-young are walking on Virgin Road. In addition, the reason why the wedding dress worn by Safi-young is the most similar to the wedding dress style of the heroine of the work she has been commissioned so far is also encouraging.

Some say that it is a “real marriage,” not an imaginary scene, as it is an important scene to end season 2. There are many talks about how the three couples ended up. In particular, viewers are connecting to narratives in which people who commit an affair are punished.

The Judge-Amy couple did not have a direct connection in “Result 2”. However, when Ami visited the judge’s house to see Songwon, she ran into the judge’s parents. Ami also mentioned that she would take part in Song Won and the baby shower of the judge’s son. As a result, there is speculation that Ami and Judge Hyun met in the baby shower and met in the eye.

Above all, there are considerable opinions that Judge Hyun and Song Won broke up because Song Won’s child was miscarried. In the last episode, Lee Si-eun believes that Park Hae-ryun’s dream of holding a child is due to the death of Park Hae-ryun and Song Won’s child. Park Hae-ryun, who broke up with Nam Ga-bin, died of an extreme choice, and Song Won’s labor pains a week before the birth date is assumed to be a foreshadowing of her legacy.

Some viewers interpreted that Song Won, who was abandoned by parents of judges and judges, went well with Seo Ban afterwards. Since Seo-ban wanted to learn Chinese, it is interpreted that it can go well with Chinese teacher Song-won. However, since Seoban seems to have fallen in love with Lee Si-eun, Seoban is expected to do well with Song Won, but eventually with Lee Si-eun. Song Won guessed that a man should be taken away by a woman who is nearly 10 years older than him like Boo Hye-ryeong to get revenge.

Also, the scene where Safi-young and Seo Dong-ma ran into each other at a golf course was broadcasted. At that time, Seo Dong-ma visited the golf course with his older brother Seo-ban, and saw him for the first time as he greeted his co-worker, Safi-young. Most viewers are recalling the scene, saying that the eyes of Seo Dong-ma were unusual at the time. Although Seo Dong-ma has been fooled by all women if she seduces her, Sapi-young is not the only one who thinks she can be more likable 여성전용마사지

If this guess is correct, Sapi-young works well with a much younger and more capable man than Shin Yu-shin, and Shin Yu-shin is completely abandoned by both his ex-wife Sapi-young and his affair girl Ami. In other words, Park Hae-ryun’s affair girl Nam Ga-bin, who was proposed by Seo Dong-ma, will also be punished. There are many stories, but it seems that men and women of infidelity want a perfect ending of good and punishment. In addition, opinions are divided over the song sung by Nam Ga-bin in the musical and Shin Ji-ah (Park Seo-kyung) as her grandfather Shin Gi-rim (No Joo-hyun).

Despite the end of the show, it seems that the unexpected ending has increased viewers’ speculation. Attention is focusing on whether “Result 2,” which has achieved high ratings and high popularity, will surpass the impact of this ending and be loved by viewers in season 3.

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