This time, I was attacked by a big gun. Yang Hyun-jong’s

This time, I was attacked by a big gun. Yang Hyun-jong’s

This time, I was attacked by a big gun. Yang Hyun-jong’s dream of winning ML 1 that’s getting farther away.


Will Yang Hyun-jong (33, Texas Rangers) dream of winning his first major league title be distant?

Yang Hyun-jong is also not showing impressive pitching in Triple-A. Yang Hyun-jong appeared as a starting pitcher in a home game against the Triple-A Oklahoma City Dodgers under the Los Angeles Dodgers at Round Rock del Diamond in Texas on the 2nd (Korea time), but the result was disappointing with eight hits and eight strikeouts and five runs.

This time, he was beaten by Japanese baseball giant Tsutsu Yoshitomo. Yang Hyun-jong, who was hit by Tsutsugo in the top of the second inning by Woo Joong-wol, later caught two infield ground balls, but Ttsugo was unable to stop his score. In the top of the third inning, Yang Hyun-jong hit a timely double by Tsutago even in the first and second base crisis with one out, followed by a series of timely hits by Christian Santana and Carlos Asuahe and allowed a 0-4 lead. Asuahe was a player who played for the Lotte Giants in 2019.

In the top of the fifth inning, allowing Tsutago to walk became an excuse for losing a point. Santana allowed his fifth run after hitting a timely double in mid-month. At least, he had to be satisfied with playing six innings for the first time since his Triple-A debut. The round-lock was completely defeated 1-7, and Yang Hyun-jong became a losing pitcher.

Yang Hyun-jong has not stopped challenging himself to re-enter the Major League, but there is more and more dark clouds. Yang Hyun-jong started all eight Triple-A games this year, but has only two losses and an ERA of 5.97. Compared to his Major League performance with a three-loss ERA of 5.59, there is no significant difference.

He is steadily getting opportunities to take the mound in Triple-A, but he is just upset that he does not follow the results he wants. Yang Hyun-jong mentioned SBS drama “Rackett Boys” on his SNS on the 27th of last month, saying, “Thank you, Rackett Boys, for allowing me to look back on myself and regain confidence that I was away from now on, which neither my skills nor grades are as I thought.” He expressed his frustration but also expressed his determination not to give up until the end. But now that I’m here, I’m not giving up.

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