There’s a reason why you wanted Antonio Conte.

There’s a reason why you wanted Antonio Conte.

There’s a reason why you wanted Antonio Conte. “Related to The Brauner” Peer Praise

Antonio Conte

Midfielder Sergei Milinkovic-Savic (27, Lazio), who Antonio Conte (53, Italy) desperately wanted to recruit, was praised for being on the same level as Kevin De Bruyne (31, Manchester City), the best midfielder in the English Premier League.

Britain’s The Bootroom said on the 13th, “Chiro Immoville (32, Lazio) said Tottenham’s recruitment target, Milinkovic-Savic, is at the same level as Manchester City superstar The Brauner,” citing transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano. Immoville was Lazio’s captain and a member of the Italian national team when he won Euro 2020.

According to reports, Immoville said to his teammate, “Millinkovic-Savic is a ‘magic’. He’s on the same level as The Brauner,” a Romano reporter said, adding, “He’s a midfielder with four goals and seven assists in 12 games this season.”

Milinkovic-Savic is a resource that received a love call from Tottenham in the transfer window last summer. In particular, it is reported that coach Conte desperately wanted to recruit him, and there were reports that Tottenham would spend 50.8 million to pursue his recruitment at the time. However, Lazio wanted 66 million, and the recruitment was canceled.

The recruitment failed, but the media claims that Tottenham should continue to seek his recruitment. This is because it is a talent that will greatly help Tottenham’s midfield under coach Conte’s system. In particular, he added that Tottenham should be more active in recruiting as coach Conte desperately wants it and there is only one year left in the contract next year.

“Millinkovic-Savic is definitely the best midfielder in Italy’s Serie A. The five major European league midfielders, who have scored 20 goals and 20 assists in the past three seasons, were the only two. “As Tottenham left sensational records, they will have to do their best to recruit him through the next two transfer markets.”

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