There’s a basement under the floor Same grade as Bellinger Muktwi Davis

There’s a basement under the floor Same grade as Bellinger Muktwi Davis

There’s a basement under the floor Same grade as Bellinger Muktwi Davis


Even if I’m not good, I’m too bad. He is a 26-year-old player who won the National League Rookie of the Year four years ago and the National League MVP two years ago.

This is the story of Cody Bellinger (26, Los Angeles Dodgers). Belinger’s record, which was considered the lowest last year, said, “There’s a basement under the floor.”

Bellinger had a batting average of 0.172 in 67 games of the season until the 25th (Korea time), 31 home runs, 35 RBIs and 41 hits, and an on-base rate of 0.254 OPS 0.584.

The performance is not in the official ranking because it did not meet the requirements. However, compared to the players who filled the required number of at-bats, he is one percent higher than last-place Eugenio Suarez.

Also, the on-base percentage is at the bottom, and the OPS is 0.005 higher than Kevin Newman, who is at the bottom. Terrible. You can never imagine Bellinger’s grade if you look at his name 파워볼사이트

Bellinger is receiving plus points on base and defense, but has a serious minus in hitting. Therefore, the FWAR is negative.

One of the leading indicators of attack, wRC+, is only 61. Chris Davis, considered the worst food and run in Major League history, had a wRC+ of 60.

Bellinger’s performance is similar to Davis’s. When he beat Christian Yelich (30) two years ago to win the MVP award, he never imagined it.

Of course, Bellinger and Davis cannot be compared on the same line. Bellinger is currently eligible to apply for an annual salary adjustment, although he is receiving $16.1 million this season.

Bellinger has yet to sign a long-term contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, so he cannot be classified as “eat and run” after the same super-park deal with Davis.

However, Bellinger made his major league debut with 39 home runs in 2017, and no one denied that he would become a representative home run hitter in the future.

Bellinger is also 26 years old, far from the ageing curve. The disappointment over Bellinger’s endless slump after winning MVP award is even greater.

If you look at Major League history, there has always been a star. It was the winner of the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young-MVP.

Attention is focusing on whether Bellinger, who is recording a disastrous performance, will remain a shining star who won the Rookie of the Year and MVP award, or will revive in a spectacular way.

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