The witch is alive Yoon Soyee transformed into

The witch is alive Yoon Soyee transformed into

The witch is alive Yoon Soyee transformed into a first-birthday girl on June 25th


Actress Yoon So-yi will return as the character of “A rich first-birth girl” as a God-given reward.

In the new TV CHOSUN mini-series “The Witch Is Alive” (directed by Kim Yoon-chul/script by Park Paran/produced by High Ground, JS Pictures, great story), Yoon So-i will play Yang Jin-ah, who sends a colorful single life with her late husband’s luck.

Yang Jin-ah, played by Yoon So-yi, is a rich first-birthday girl who received hundreds of millions of won in insurance money due to her husband’s death. Her husband, Kim Woo-bin (played by Ryu Yeon-seok), who was her first love, is embarrassed by the sudden news of her death one day by making a fuss about leaving only debts by stepping into her arms and leaving her with no answer.

Along with this, the huge amount of insurance money delivered serves as an opportunity to turn her life around 180 degrees, which seemed to be the only “debt” left after her husband died. Yang Jin-ah begins her desperate struggle to protect money as an unexpected uninvited guest appears in her single life, which she thought would only unfold a flower path.

In the midst of this, the released photo shows Yang Jin-ah’s Dolsing Life. She walks on the street with her hands full of shopping bags, and she feels free.

On the other hand, Yang Jin-ah, who is dressed neatly, has a thick bundle of cash in her hand, attracting attention. On top of that, I wonder if she will be able to protect the insurance money safely, who looks pure with a smile around her mouth all the time due to her abundant pocket situation.

Above all, it is interesting to see Yoon So-yi completely immersed in Yang Jin-ah’s character. Curiosity is soaring over what other acting transformation Yoon So-yi, who has left a deep impression by portraying a character with strong personality in numerous works, will attempt in “The Witch Is Alive.”

The production team of “The Witch Is Alive” said, “Yoon So-i’s delicate acting is doubling the characteristics of Yang Jin-ah’s character,” adding, “Please watch Yang Jin-ah, who became a witch to protect her happy life.”

Yoon So-yi’s struggle to protect her barely found single life can be found in the new TV CHOSUN mini-series “The Witch Is Alive,” which will premiere on June 25 (Sat)

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