The reason why you put blood in your stool is red blood (Blood lump)

The reason why you put blood in your stool is red blood (Blood lump)

The reason why you put blood in your stool is red blood (Blood lump)


I can tell you that when the toilet turns red with blood, everyone is embarrassed and afraid, and often starts to worry about serious problems or colon cancer. There are many other causes besides colon cancer, especially the anus

It’s a condition that other people can see, especially for healthy people who don’t have a disease. So today, we’re going to look at the cause of blood dung and look at the suspected diseases. Blood in the stool usually causes bleeding in the stomach

I’ll tell you, I can’t help but tell me.

Therefore, if you have bloody stool symptoms, you should find out about the diseases that cause bleeding in the colon, and four diseases are representative, including colon polyps, rapid growth, inflammatory bowel disease, and colitis. First of all, colon polyps do not show signs of bleeding well if the size of the polyp itself is not large, but if the size increases, the possibility of bleeding increases, which can lead to bloody stool symptoms. Second, most people think enteritis can only cause diarrhea or abdominal pain, but I can say that there are cases where you poo

Of course, blood dung from enteritis is rare, but acute enteritis from infection can cause intestinal bleeding and cause bleeding. In addition, the third cause of hematuria is colitis, especially ulcerative colitis, which is known as hematuria symptoms, and the more severe the symptoms, the higher the frequency of hematuria.

The last cause is Crohn’s disease, which rarely causes intestinal bleeding, but it can be said that bleeding can occur and bloody stool symptoms can occur when accompanied by anal diseases such as hemorrhoids.

The cause of pooing is an anal disease, not colorectal bleeding, and some of it is caused by teeth. Teeth are a disease that causes bleeding by tearing the anus wall as hard stool is discharged, and blood from the stool is mixed with feces, resulting in blood stains. Today, we looked at the most common causes of blood droppings 정품비아그라

In addition to what we talked about today, there are more factors than we thought, especially because the treatment methods vary depending on the symptoms, so if you continue to experience bloody stool symptoms, I can tell you that it’s better to do an appropriate test and treatment first

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