The power of the older sisters’ older sister on the volleyball

The power of the older sisters’ older sister on the volleyball

The power of the older sisters’ older sister.


Older sisters on the volleyball court are showing off their “unreplaceable” presence in the V-League with their performances as good as their heyday.

The most noticeable “unnie” is Han Song (37, Ginseng Corporation), which marks its 17th season in the V-League this year. He shakes the court with amazing agility, endurance, and still jumps 토토사이트

In 18 games (69 sets) this season, he has scored 50 blockings (0.73 per set) and 121 effective blockings, ranking first in the league. It will show a stronger and more solid blocking ability than Han Soo-ji (32, GS Caltex, 39 points, 87 points) and Bae Yu-na (32, Industrial Bank of Korea, 39 points). His offensive capability is also comparable. It is the top mobile attack (53.9 percent success rate), far ahead of Kim Hee-jin (47.6 percent, Industrial Bank of Korea), and 10th fastest attack (37.7 percent).

Of course, the heyday of ‘Hansong’ was 2010-13 when he played as a wing spicer. Around this time, he scored around 400 points every season and had a strong attack success rate of 40 percent. In the 2010–11 season, he was the top scorer among Korean players (fifth overall). Since then, his position has been somewhat shaken as a wing speaker, but he has been evaluated as “rejuvenated” by turning into a middleblocker and being selected as the best seven (center) last season.

Figures have improved in all categories of offense this season. With 129 points added, he has 4,974 points in his personal career (excluding the postseason) and is on the verge of scoring 5,000 points (the fourth all-time goal in his career).

The team’s goal is to advance to the playoffs and his personal goal is to win the top spot in blocking. “We thoroughly analyze the timing and course of the opponent attack,” Han said. “It’s the power of analysis,” he said. “Dewf (side blocker) also settled down well, so I think I have more blocking opportunities.” Regarding the mobile attack, he also said, “The rhythm and timing are well matched.”

Chung Dae-young (Road Corporation) and Kim Se-young (Hungkuk Life Insurance), who were born in 1981 when they turned 40 years old, are also quietly but silently performing their roles.

Jung Dae-young is ranked third in the blocking league (0.63 and 92 effective blocking per set), seventh in quick attack (41.1%) and ninth in mobile attack (29.1%). On the 1st of last month, he scored 5,000 points in his personal career in 16 seasons and is set to record 1,000 blocking points (the second ever in his career).

Kim Se-young has a 3.50 percent offensive share in the team due to the “Hungvengers,” which has strong attackers such as Kim Yeon-kyung and Lee Jae-young, but has maintained a solid main center position in the team with 85 effective blockings in the 5th place (0.532 per set) of blocking.

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