The only hip hop medical sitcom that Yang Donggeun is confident in

The only hip hop medical sitcom that Yang Donggeun is confident in

The only hip hop medical sitcom that Yang Donggeun is confident in.


The world’s first hip-hop medical sitcom was created, led by Yang Dong-geun.

On the morning of the 8th, an online production presentation of Tving Original “Hip-Hop Medical Sitcom-EMERGENCY” (hereinafter referred to as “Emergency”) was held, attended by PD Cho Woori, Yang Dong-geun, Car the Garden, Boatman, Kim Hee-jung, Yukika, Omega sapien, SF9 Zuho, and Implanted Kid.

Hip-hop Medical Sitcom-EMERGENCY is a program for rappers who are tired of running nonstop in the overheated Korean hip-hop world, and shares the colorful lives of rappers and their hidden concerns against the backdrop of the hospital called Dr. Yang Mental Care Center, which consists of hip-hop characters in the sitcom genre.

Regarding the intention to plan the program, PD Cho Woo-ri said, “This year marks the 10th anniversary of Show Me the Money.” It was planned as part of the “Show Me the Money” project, but the initial plan was slightly different. “I was thinking about it because I wanted to contain the culture and stories of the hip-hop god in a new way, and I chose the form of a sitcom,” he said.

“The subtitle is a hip-hop medical sitcom, so many people are curious. To explain simply because you are curious about the format, there is a talk composition of the worldview that hip-hop rappers come and receive counseling. More than I thought, actors are joining and creating a worldview. “I wanted to see the virtual world view and raw guests bump into each other, but I’m witnessing it well and filming it well,” he explained.

Also, “We originally started with a tight script, but the actors must have been in trouble. It was a reality show because all the cameras were hidden in the set. I wanted to show the charm of raw things by filming at the same time, not dividing the scene. We are filming in a reality entertainment way, he added.

Kim Hee-jung, who heard this, said, “When I first heard the explanation, I couldn’t get a sense of how it would turn out. First of all, there was a senior, and the PD and the writer were so good that I felt like I was trusting them. I was in trouble because it was so much fun to film, and I wanted to see what was alive. We are filming with a fun heart because we have good chemistry and good chemistry, he said about the filming site he felt as an actor.

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