Bartolin adenitis female genital abscess (female rash)

Bartolin adenitis female genital abscess (female rash)

Bartolin adenitis female genital abscess (female rash)


Q: A woman in her mid-30s. I was taking a shower after a relationship with my husband six months ago, and I could feel a round, hard abscess or rash around Noisoosoon. When I went to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic, they said it was a symptom caused by poor secretion from sexual intercourse, and it would disappear naturally. But it’s not getting better even though it’s been a few months now. Occasionally, the size of the abscess increases and then decreases repeatedly, and pain around the noise order sometimes appears. It seems to hurt more when you are excited when you are in a relationship with your husband. Is there any problem?

A: It appears to have developed Bartolin adenitis. Bartoline is a gland located around Noisun. It plays a role in secreting mucus for smooth insertion during sexual intercourse. It also helps sperm enter the uterus well.

This disease usually occurs when bacterial infections occur in Bartolin gland due to unsanitary sex, feces, urine, etc. Causing bacteria include gonorrhea, E. coli, and trichomonas 비아그라추천

Symptoms of Bartolin adenitis include genital abscesses and pain, and most of them occur on one side.

If the condition is not severe, it can be treated with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs, but if pus occurs, the area should be incised and squeezed. If the inflammation does not continue to heal or if a cyst occurs, it can be treated through bartolin extraction.

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