“The most touching moment on stage”…Blitzer, interviewed by English+I.

“The most touching moment on stage”…Blitzer, interviewed by English+I.

“The most touching moment on stage”…Blitzer, interviewed by English+I.


Group Blitzer is a hot topic as it conducted interviews with global media.

British media “View of the Arts” and Italian K-pop media “Mondo Coreano,” which focus on the Asian entertainment industry, released videos and interviews of BLITZERS (Evolution, Unique, Korea, Shah, Chris, Rutan, Universe) on their official SNS and website on the 31st and 2nd of last month, respectively.

Through this interview, Blitzer told the behind-the-scenes story of his first European tour “BLITZERS 2022 EUROPE TOUR Looking For BLEE,” which was held in October last year, as well as their current status and plans for future activities.

Bleechers, who achieved remarkable growth last year with endless hard work amid keen interest from global fans, cited “when performing in front of audiences” as the happiest moment as a representative group of K-pop.

“I feel the most moved when I am on stage. “It’s an honor to be able to perform in front of many people who come to see us, and I’m always overwhelmed,” he said, expressing his gratitude to fans in a humble manner.

“I was happy to visit Venice and Milan last year,” Blitzer said of hosting the first performance of the European tour in Milan, Italy. “I hope I can perform again,” he said.

In addition, they show pride in the team with overflowing energy by organizing themselves in one word, ‘vitality,’ and as for the recent situation, “We are working on new songs and practicing at the same time.” “We are trying to release a new album,” he said, raising expectations for new music and future activities in 2023. 블리처스 홈페이지

In response, “Mondo Correano” praised “It is an honor to have an interview with Blitzer,” and “View of the Arts” praised “Blitzer is an undeniable dark horse in the K-pop music industry,” further realizing the powerful influence of “Super Rookie” Blitzer, who is currently the hottest in the global music market.

Meanwhile, Blitzer, who captivated global fans by performing in various fields such as albums, OSTs, entertainment shows, and web dramas, as well as his first U.S. tour and European tour last year, predicted that he would continue his active activities this year.

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