The money from the option contract with Muk-tti Castillo

The money from the option contract with Muk-tti Castillo

The money from the option contract with Muk-tti Castillo Rakuten won’t matter.


Lewis Castillo, one of the major players of Meiji, signed with Japanese professional baseball player Rakuten and signed a considerable number of optional contracts, according to reports.

But there has also been cynicism that money won’t be that important to him.

Daily Sports quoted MLB network John Heyman’s Twitter on the 11th, saying, “Rakuten’s new foreign player, Rusnay Castillo outfielder (33), signed a total of $1.09 million (about 140 million yen).

Initially, there were reports that Castillo had signed a total of $650,000. Japanese media reported a total of $650,000 (estimated) in his annual salary .

But it turns out by Heyman that there are no less options 안전놀이터

Hayman reported the news and said, “I included not a few options, but I have already signed a large contract in the Major League, so money won’t be that important.”

Castillo, a Cuban native, was a highly anticipated player when he first entered the Major League.

Castillo, a former member of the Cuban national team, wore the Boston Red Sox uniform in 2014 through an open tryout in the Major League Baseball. The contract amounted to 72.5 million dollars (about 73.8 billion won) over seven years. It was the highest contract for a Cuban Major Leaguer at that time.

However, seven years went on in the worst situation. Castillo, who batted .333 2 home runs and 6 RBIs in 10 games after signing in 2014, batted .2535 home runs and 29 RBIs in 80 games in 2015, and batted .250 in 9 games in 2016. Since then, Castillo has not played in Major League Baseball.

His career record in Major League Baseball is 0.262, seven home runs and 35 RBIs in 99 games. He was released as a free agent in October last year. In 2019, he recorded 120 games, a .278 batting average, a .321 on-base percentage, 17 home runs and 64 RBIs in Triple-A.

After joining the club, Castillo said through the club, “NPB is a great league. Above all, I love Japan’s discipline and proper culture.

The Lamuten club expects Castillo to play a role as a chance maker and point gator.

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