STL’s legend, Molly and Oh Seung Hwan are you doing well

STL’s legend, Molly and Oh Seung Hwan are you doing well

STL’s legend, Molly and Oh Seung Hwan are you doing well? He was a good pitcher


“How’s Oh Seunghwan (40), Samsung) doing?” I miss you.”

St. Louis catcher Yardier Molina (40), who is known as a living legend in the Major League, expressed his longing for his former teammate Oh Seung-hwan.

Molina met with Star News at the clubhouse ahead of the away game against Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the 8th (Korea Standard Time), and said, “Time has passed, but Oh Seung-hwan is a good pitcher and I remember him as a good person. If you have any chance to meet him, please tell him I’ll say hello.”

South Korea’s top closer Oh Seung-hwan advanced to the Major League in 2016 and worked with Molina for two seasons with St. During this period, Oh Seung-hwan pitched 139 innings in 138 games, showing an outstanding performance of 7 wins, 9 losses, 39 saves, and a 2.85 ERA.

He was then traded to Colorado through Toronto in 2018, where he played until 2019 and returned to Korea. He also played two seasons (2014-2015) in Japan and won the All-Star title for the second consecutive year.

Although he is past his golden age, Oh Seung-hwan is still showing off his robustness with two wins, no losses, and 15 saves (joint No. 1 in the league) in 23 games of the season in the KBO League as of the 9th.

Molina, a 19-year veteran catcher in the Major League, is known as the best catcher in the league without explanation. Even though it was an away game against Tampa Bay, whenever he entered the batter’s box, the crowd cheered enthusiastically, chanting his nickname “Yadi.”

Molina, who made her major league debut in 2004, has won two World Series titles, 10 All-Star titles, nine Gold Gloves, four Platinum Gold Gloves, and one Silver Slugger 토토사이트

Molina also has a rare career with all three brothers playing as major league catchers. There are a total of 10 cases in Major League history where three brothers have played as players, of which Molina is the only one among them to win the World Series.

Although he is now unable to play every day due to his age, Molina still leads young players in the clubhouse and delivers his experience and know-how. When Star News covered St. Louis Club House, a number of young players came to Molina to talk about batting and defense.

Molina made a surprise appearance as a pitcher in the bottom of the eighth inning, which was 3-11 against Tampa Bay on the 9th, blocking one inning with two hits and one strikeout without losing a point, providing various attractions to fans who visited the stadium.

Molina, who has played in 2,182 games in the big leagues and has a batting average of 0.279, 2,140 hits, 173 home runs, and 1008 RBIs, will retire after the end of this season.

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