Stephen Curry, the master of shooting, has the biggest 62 points

Stephen Curry, the master of shooting, has the biggest 62 points

Stephen Curry, the master of shooting, has the biggest 62 points of his life.

Stephen Curry

How did Stephen Curry (33, Golden State), the master of shooting, score 62 points in a game?

The Golden State Warriors beat the Portland Trail Blazers 137-122 in the 2020-2021 NBA regular season held at Chase Center in San Francisco, California, on the 4th 안전놀이터

The main character of the day was Curry. He scored 62 points in one game with a high-sensitivity shot of 18/31, 3 point shot 8/16, and 18/19 free throw. He scored the most goals in a single game this season and the most goals scored by Curry himself. Curry’s previous record was 54 points.

Among active players, Devin Booker is the only player who has scored more than Curry. Despite the high scoring trend in modern basketball, only nine active players have scored more than 60 points in games. This season, Bradley Beale is in second place with 60 points following Curry.

Curry’s explosion had a backstory. Curry is like Michael Jordan, the “King of Basketball.” When others gossip about themselves, they have something in common that motivates the game. As Curry was somewhat sluggish at the beginning of the season, there were many comments mocking him on the Internet. Curry scored 26 points against Portland two days before reaching 62, but the Warriors suffered a crushing defeat of 98–123.

In a two-day return match against Portland, Curry was determined to avenge himself. “Curry looked different on this day,” Dramand Green said. When I saw Curry throwing a shot without passing, I thought, “There’s something today.” I asked Rooney to stand on the screen for Curry and give him a shot. Curry looked like an agent on a mission. It was the best performance I’ve ever seen in person.”

“I personally accepted the criticism of myself,” Curry said after winning with 62 points. No matter what people say, my strong confidence doesn’t break. As a basketball player, he is not affected by what others say. People who know me will understand. I like games and enjoy challenges. I love everything that causes competition. “I will never run away,” he said.

“It was a great performance,” said Steve Kerr, who collaborated with Jordan to win the championship. I’ve been watching for years how much Curry can do. Tonight’s performance was amazing. “It is a privilege to be able to coach him,” he said.

The blue basketball shoes Curry wore when he scored 62 points also attracted fans’ attention. Curry 8 Flow Like Water. The long-awaited basketball shoes will be released in Korea on the 29th.

According to Under Armour Korea, if you purchase a new Curry 8 product from Gangnam Brand House and Hoops City from the 29th, you will receive a variety of gifts, including Curry Flow 8 stickers and key rings for each colorway. 120 people who collect all five colors of the Curry 8 Series to be released in the future will be given an additional special curry brand shoe collection box and a pair of Curry 8 basketball shoes. It is expected that free gifts will be sold out early, so purchases will have to be made quickly.

The special package of Curry 8 ‘Butterflow’ was released on the 21st. It has been so popular that camping people have appeared in Gangnam Brand House since the night before. In the end, the limited edition of the 100-member package was sold out quickly, and the enthusiasm was so high that resellers were given a premium.

“The Curry 8 is light and good to ground, so it is popular not only for professional players but also for club members,” said an official from Under Armour Korea. “Curry 8 has been released in various colors, creating customers who collect fashion items.”

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