Sister Yoon Bora on SISTAR will appear in JTBC’s ne

Sister Yoon Bora on SISTAR will appear in JTBC’s ne

Sister Yoon Bora on SISTAR


Actress Yoon Bo-ra will appear in JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Only One Person” and challenge her first monk role since her debut.

The drama “One Person” (produced by Moon Jung-min, directed by Oh Hyun-jong, JTBC Studio) is a human melodrama in which three women met at hospice fight to take only one bad guy “one person” before they die and face the real precious “one person” of life.

In the play, Yoon Bo-ra plays the role of Veronica, a nun who manages hospice. He looks a little childish and easy-going rather than calm, but he is active for hospice patients with Makdalena (Lee Soo-mi).

Yoon Bo-ra said, “It’s a work that finds happiness in small moments. “I’m grateful to be able to be with good actors and staff, and I’m working hard to show better performance, so please pay a lot of attention.”

Yoon Bo-ra, who played a leading role in the play in the SBS drama “Dr. Romantic 2,” played a leading role in season 2 of “Late Night Cafe,” which ended earlier this year, drawing sympathy from viewers with positive energy and bright charm 광주호빠 

Yoon Bo-ra, who is challenging the role of the first nun in “Only One,” will show a new transformation that is incorporated into the story and character in the work.

JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “One Person,” in which Yoon Bo-ra was cast, will premiere at 11 p.m. on the 20th (Mon).

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