Single Mother Confesses Suspected Childbirth from Korean

Single Mother Confesses Suspected Childbirth from Korean

Single Mother Confesses Suspected Childbirth from Korean Girl Group


Chinese singer Jang Ji-cheon, who made headlines by confessing that she had a daughter, was embroiled in allegations of surrogate birth.

Chinese media such as China and Taiwan reported on the 20th that netizens claimed that Jang Ji-cheon, who revealed that she was a single mother with a daughter in January last year, gave birth on behalf of her.

The netizen claimed that even though Jang Ki-cheon gave birth to a daughter in February 2019, her belly had not come out when she attended an official event in November 2018, three months before giving birth. The netizen presented a photo of Jang Gi-cheon’s official appearance as evidence. In October and November 2018, Jang Gi-cheon has a slim stomach.

As netizens’ claims spread, Jang Ki-cheon’s industry acquaintance stepped up as fans demanded an explanation. An official from China’s Huai Music Co. released a photo of Jang Ji-chun being hospitalized at the time of pregnancy and dismissed the suspicion. In the released photo, Jang Ki-cheon, who is full, lies on his bed and looks troubled as if labor pains are painful.

A photo taken with a newborn baby in her arms immediately after giving birth was also released. An acquaintance of Jang Gi-cheon also said that the child was born as a premature baby of 1,760 grams.

Meanwhile, Jang Ki-cheon won a K-pop audition and joined the girl group Sunny Days in Korea in 2013, before leaving the team in 2014 and returning to China.

He later participated in “Voice of China Season 3” and won the championship and worked as a singer in China. He met with Chinese singer-songwriter Hwacheon Yu, who is six years older, on an entertainment program in 2015, and later developed into a lover, and a daughter was born between the two. Jang Gi-cheon and Hwacheon are not married and are currently separated.

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