Shin legend Andy sang the wedding’s absence going

Shin legend Andy sang the wedding’s absence going

Shin legend Andy sang the wedding’s absence going into hiding even at five a year.


With the group’s Shinhwa Andy wedding, attention is being paid to Shin Hye-sung’s attendance.

On the 12th, Andy married Lee Eun-ju somewhere in Seoul and joined Shinhwa’s third married man.

The wedding was held behind closed doors. As soon as the wedding was over, a photo of Andy, who sang a congratulatory song with Shinhwa members, was released on various online communities, drawing welcome from the myth that has been gathered for a long time in a long time. Shinhwa members of all decked out in the suit will perform their hit songs ‘perfect man’ (The Perfect Man) in Andy’s celebrated their wedding.

However, fans expressed concern as Shin Hye-sung was not seen. According to the released photo, only Lee Min-woo, Jun Jin, Eric, and Kim Dong-wan sang together at the wedding

Congratulations on your wedding of his stylist said, brother in myth. “Be happy. I was so, so happy to see the six brothers after a long time,” he said, hinting at Shin’s attendance. However, fans do not know whether Shin Hye-sung will attend or not because no authentication photos have been posted.

Although Shin Hye-sung attended, there is a widespread confrontation between claims that he did not participate in the celebration because he did not want to show his face to the camera and claims that he did not attend at all.

When he dropped off SBS Love FM’s “Shin Hye-sung’s Music Odyssey” in 2021, Shin Hye-sung said, “I’ve been holding back my voice as much as I can, but now I’ve decided that I need a break.” Shin Hye-sung, who has not heard anything since, has been raising concerns from fans

On the other hand, in January, Andy, ” like people who want to be with all my life. I’m a person who makes me laugh and cares about me a lot when I have a hard time, he said. “Now I’m trying to live a life together rather than alone.”

Lee Eun-joo, who married Andy, was born in 1990, and is nine years younger than Andy. Lee Eun-joo, who worked as an announcer for Jeju MBC through KBS Gangneung Broadcasting Station and KBS Chuncheon Broadcasting Station, resigned while preparing for marriage.

Andy and Lee Eun-joo will join SBS’ “Same Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny” and reveal their honeymoon for the first time. The first episode will air on the 20th

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