Retry to recruit Kim Min-jae with a four-year contract

Retry to recruit Kim Min-jae with a four-year contract

Retry to recruit Kim Min-jae with a four-year contract for giving up five years of Porto.


FC Porto has changed the terms of the contract to recruit Kim Min-jae.

Portugal’s Hecord said on the 4th (Korea time), “Porto is considering offering a four-year contract to Kim Min-jae. Along with Porto, Fenerbahce has entered the race to recruit Kim Min-jae.

Currently, Kim Min-jae is planning to go to Europe. Starting with Juventus this summer, Porto and Galatasaray expressed interest in recruiting Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae’s contract with Beijing Guo An is less than five months away, so it is the last chance for the club to sell it.

Beijing is actively moving. Initially, the transfer fee he wanted was about 10 million euros (about 13.6 billion won), but he is determined to accept even less. According to China’s Tancent Sports, 6 million euros (about 8.1 billion won) will also be accepted.

Kim Min-jae recently had difficulties in negotiations with Porto. Porto demanded five years of contract, but Kim Min-jae wanted three years. Specifically, Kim Min-jae is said to have offered a three-year contract and opportunities to advance to the big league.

Taking advantage of this gap, Galatasarai of Turkey appeared. “Galatasaray is looking for a replacement for Christian Ludama, who played in 24 league matches last season,” Turkish media Takbeem said. “My current goal is Kim Min-jae.”

In addition, Galatasaray expressed his strong will, saying that Porto would not comply with the conditions. “Galatasaray accepted the terms of Kim Min-jae’s three-year contract and offered to negotiate with European big league teams within the period,” the “PhotoSpor” said.

When a club that wanted Kim Min-jae was created, Porto urgently changed its route. “Portu is looking for a solution to the negotiations and wants to offer Kim Min-jae a four-year contract,” he said. Instead of the five-year contract that we originally intended, we want to meet the contract that Kim Min-jae wants.

Porto centre-back includes Pepe, Chancel Mbemba, Ivan Marcano, Diogo Rate, and Fabio Cardoso. First of all, Pepe and Mbemba’s contract will expire next summer. In addition, Marcano suffered a cruciate ligament rupture in the 2020-21 season, and Rate failed to meet expectations, which led to disappointing reviews. Cardoso is a freshman who joined Santa Clara through the transfer market this summer 안전놀이터

If Kim Min-jae moves to Porto, it is uncertain whether he will be able to secure the starting position at once. However, there will definitely be a center-back gap next season. Now it’s up to Kim Min-jae’s choice.

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