PS Angels the remaining assignment is to make Otani MVP?

PS Angels the remaining assignment is to make Otani MVP?

PS Angels the remaining assignment is to make Otani MVP?


The Los Angeles Angels’ only hope for the rest of the season is Otani Shohei, 27. Autumn baseball is practically over the moon. The Major League official website said that Otani has only 50 homers left to expect from the Angels this year. presented one of the most important goals for 30 clubs with one month left until the end of the regular season on the 5th (Korea time). The Toronto Blue Jays were given blueprints such as wild card advancement, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees won the division, and the Chicago White Sox brought home advantage, but the Angels told the Angels to expect 50 home runs of Otani.

“If Otani hits 50 home runs, he will be the fifth player to hit 50 home runs in the last 10 years,” said “At the same time, he was the first player to become the best starter in the league by hitting 50 home runs.”

Otani started as a starting pitcher on the 4th and won his ninth game of the season and exploded his 43rd home run of the season on the 5th. However, the Angels, apart from Otani’s crazy performance, have 68 wins and 68 losses this year with a 0.500 winning rate. There are 26 games left, and there are as many as 10 games in the wildcard. Postseason hopes are very slim.

So the only thing to look forward to is Otani’s title. If Otani maintains his pace, he is expected to have 51 home runs with 10-11 wins. If he is a pitcher with 10 wins, he will be the MVP. The Angels can regain their MVP title in two years since Mike Trout in 2019 파워볼사이트

According to a report by Japan’s Junichi Sports on the 5th, the FOX Sports Castor, who was broadcasting Otani’s home run, said, “The American League MVP Otani hit his 43rd home run.” It seems that Otani is actually considered the MVP in the local market.

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