Post-couch bleeding aftereffects Sofa surgery is performed

Post-couch bleeding aftereffects Sofa surgery is performed

Post-couch bleeding, aftereffects.


Sofa surgery is performed to remove endometrial polyps or fetuses that died after mooring. Scratches the endometrium with a tool called a currette. Depending on the proficiency of the medical staff, the risk of developing aftereffects varies.

Excessive scratching of one area can damage the endometrium and the lower vascular layer. In severe cases, uterine perforation may occur. It’s a simple surgery, but there are consequences of sofa surgery, so you have to decide carefully 비아그라파는곳

Endometrial adhesion is common. When blood collects in the uterus due to endometrial bleeding, it acts as an adhesive and attaches to the endometrium. Since the amount of menstruation decreases noticeably or symptoms of menstruation occur, it is necessary to check whether menstruation occurs within seven weeks of surgery. After sofa surgery, you become vulnerable to infection, so avoid swimming, excessive exercise, and sex for about two weeks.

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