Paratich’s Men’s Tottenham Ona Ndombele Swap Deal Close

Paratich’s Men’s Tottenham Ona Ndombele Swap Deal Close

Paratich’s Men’s Tottenham Ona Ndombele Swap Deal Close


For Tangi Ndombele (24, Tottenham Hotspur), this summer is a season of trials.

He disappeared from the opening match of the season against Manchester City on the 16th (Korea time). He was not even listed on the waiting list, let alone playing.

It seems that Nunu Santu (47) has been completely excluded from the new managerial system. Since the pre-season, the trend of classification outside of power continues even after the opening.

Nevertheless, multiple clubs want Ndombele. French national midfielder Olympique Lyon (France), Juventus and AC Milan (Italy) Bayern Munich (Germany) are seeking to recruit French midfielders.

Italian sports newspaper Tutosport said on the 25th, “AC Milan is seeking to recruit Ndombele. If the swap deal (with three clubs) currently being held by Tottenham fails, the transfer could be made in a surprise manner.

Tottenham are currently considering exchanging Fusem Auer (23, Olanpique Lyon), Western McKenny (22, Juventus) and Corantin Toliso (27, Bayern Munich). All three calculate that the central midfielder is in the main position to fill the leak through trade with Ndombele.

In particular, Tottenham Fabio Paratic, 49, reportedly had a dense conversation with his close friend Juventus. Analysts say McKenny, who can play not only the central midfielder but also the side and defense midfielder and the wingback, is the alternative to Ndombele.

McKenny, a U.S. citizen born in 1998, left Schalke 04 last year and was loaned to Juventus. As soon as he joined Turin, he quickly melted into the center of the team.

He started 18 out of 34 games and scored five goals and two assists. He even showed penetration capability with 85.4 percent of pass success rate, so he served as a millstone in the airlift.

At the end of the first half, Adrien Rabio and Aaron Ramsey were eliminated and established themselves as starting midfielders. Paratichi also expressed satisfaction with McKenny’s performance and concluded his recruitment.

There is a variable in the McKenny-Ndombele deal. Spurs Web, a Tottenham fan page, was concerned about Ndombele’s high weekly pay. Analysts say that the 200,000-pound figure, the highest level in the Premier League, could be a stumbling block.

“It’s not surprising that the paratic is discussing the Ndombele swap deal (with his former job). “Hana’s high salary will emerge as a big problem,” he said. “If Cristiano Ronaldo (36, Juventus) leaves, it will be a big problem.” “It is quite surprising to hold Ndombele in his arms in the current Juventus weekly system,” he said.

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